Free Differentiated Writing Prompts

Free Differentiated Writing Prompts


Free Differentiated Writing Prompts


I remember years ago, when I first heard the term differentiated, it completely overwhelmed me!

How am I supposed to differentiate writing tasks for a class of 25 students?

Why does differentiation even look like?

Fast forward 5 years and differentiation is part and parcel of my teaching and learning program.

The best bit is, it’s not this big overwhelming thing at all.

It can be streamline and seamless!


Free Differentiated Writing Prompts

So what exactly is differentiation?

In simplistic terms, it can be viewed as individualized learning where teaching is tailored to meet the specific

needs of each student, so that child is challenged at an appropriate level.

When students are given writing prompts that align with their interests, background, or abilities, they are more

likely  to be engaged in the writing task and strive for personal best to produce quality of work.

This in turn is a confidence booster because students are provided with work that aligns with their abilities,

which results in a sense of achievement and experiencing success.


Free Differentiated Writing Prompts


Free Differentiated Writing Prompts


These differentiated Writing Prompts and Word Bank Cards are perfect for first grade, second grade and third

grade students! The word bank cards are valuable scaffolding tools as students focus on writing ideas, sentence

structure and the writing process. Lesson and teacher notes provided for writing lessons, writing centers, morning

work and independent work!


Free Differentiated Writing Prompts


This freebie is a snapshot sample of this product.



There are 3 differentiated writing templates to suit:

  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade


What is included in this pack:

  • 3 writing templates with prompts and picture box
  • Embedded checklist
  • Color vocabulary word bank card
  • B/W vocabulary word bank card


Ideal for:

  • Writing Lessons
  • Writing Centers
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Independent Work
  • Early Finishers
  • Morning Work
  • Assessment

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