Fun Math Printables First Grade

September 28, 2022

Fun Math Printables First Grade


 Fun Math Printables First Grade


Fun Math Printables First Grade

Mathematical Think-boards are a fun way to foster strong addition and subtraction problem solving skills in young children.

Why is it that children find problem solving so challenging?

Research shows how solving word problems should be relevant and engaging.

One way to ensure that children are motivated is by creating engaging math worksheets.

I like to call these FREE Math Printables for 1st Grade as think-boards. Why think-boards?




Because they encourage students to solve a word problem in 4 different ways!Fun Math Printables First Grade

It’s an easy way to make problem solving purposeful and meaningful.


We also know during math activities 1st and 2nd graders learn best when they can problem solve using concrete materials. As Lev Vygotsky’s Theory of

Constructivism ‘children learn best if they are active participants of their own learning.’ Hence when teaching and learning math, it is of utmost importance that

students have access to concrete materials such as counters, unifix cubes etc so that they can build their mathematical understandings and knowledge.






Fun Math Printables First Grade

  1. Allocate a space in your classroom as the Math Center where students can work mathematically using different resources
  2. Ensure there is mathematical print displayed on a nearby bulletin board
  3. I like to switch it up every 4 weeks or so – basically at the start of teaching a new mathematical concept
  4. Ensure that there are tubs of manipulatives within reach of your students so that they can problem solve independently
  5. I place different tubs of counters, unifix cubes, number lines, ten frames in the Math Center area
  6. I also make available different writing tools – eg. pencils, highlighters to highlight key words and numbers or worksheets etc.
  7. I include word problem task cards in a container which students can use as Fast Finisher activities


To read more about how to teach word problems, read this blog.


If you’re looking for more fun and engaging math activities which are perfect for math centers or small groups, check out these card games!

These KABOOM card games cover mental math, addition and subtraction, fast facts, word problems and early multiplication (groups of!)

math fluency games

               Math Fluency Games

Your students will love playing these Kaboom math fluency games in pairs, small group or math centers where they get to practice addition and subtraction facts and word problems. These cards print well in color or b/w.


Also Suitable for:

  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade review/support

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