How to Teach Sentence Structure for Grade 1 Worksheets

December 17, 2023

How to Teach Sentence Structure for Grade 1 Worksheets

Teaching simple sentence structure to first graders involves breaking down the concept into small components.  Introduce basic sentence patterns, emphasize the use of capital letters and punctuation. Engage students in interactive activities, such as sentence-building activities to help construct their understanding of sentence structure in a hands on ways.

How to Teach Sentence Structure for Grade 1 Worksheets


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Visual aids are very important, particularly for visual learners. Anchor Charts with color coded sentences and matching illustrations makes the learning process more engaging and helps students to make connections. Encourage students to express themselves using short sentences, then gradually expand their vocabulary so they can build on their basic sentences.

How to Teach Sentence Structure for Grade 1 Worksheets


How to Teach Sentence Structure for Grade 1 Worksheets

Teaching simple sentence building skills is a fundamentally important step if students are to become effective writers. These no prep sentence writing practice worksheets are perfect for kindergarten and first grade students. Through practice, they will learn proper sentence structure, creating a complete sentence and hands on cut and paste. This is a great resource to use when teaching about sentences, writing centers, morning work, early finishers and work for the sub!

How to Teach Sentence Structure for Grade 1 Worksheets

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What’s included? These sequenced cut and paste Sentence Worksheets consist of a combination of sight words, high frequency words and decodables to promote reading fluency. The following sentences are covered:

  • I can see a bat.
  • It is a big hat.
  • He has a red car.
  • The sun is so hot.
  • The fox is on a box.
  • I can see a rat.
  • Mia has a big dog.
  • I can see a big bug.
  • He has a red car.
  • A snail is a pet.
  • Tim has a pet slug.
  • Jen looks at a book.
  • She can ride a bike.
  • Do you like to swim?
  • I like art very much.
  • SIx stars in the sky.
  • The frog can sit down.
  • We can make a pizza.
  • Let’s play at the park.
  • The tiger has a cub.
  • The big pond has ducks.
  • Lim has two pink flowers.
  • The giraffes are very tall.


Each worksheet requires students to complete the following steps:

  1. Read sentence
  2. Trace sentence
  3. Write sentence
  4. Cut and Paste Build Sentence
  5. Color in picture


Why this resource? You can be rest assured that as your students are engaged in fun learning, that the following core aligned skills are covered:


  • Simple Sentence Structure
  • Capitalization and Final Punctuation
  • Sight Word Practice and Recognition
  • CVC Blending and Segmenting
  • Decodable Blends
  • Reading Fluency and Comprehension
  • Fine Motor Skills (cutting, pasting, coloring-in



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