How to Teach Sentence Structure

April 1, 2023

How to Teach Sentence Structure



How to Teach Sentence Structure


It is important to remember that teaching writing always begins with sentence structure. So where do we start?

Here are some Sentence Structure Teaching Tips and Strategies that can be easily incorporated in your program:

  1. Start with the basics: Before teaching complex sentence structures, it’s essential to start with the basics. Teach the students what a sentence is and what it consists of (a subject and a predicate).
  2. Use visuals: Use pictures and diagrams to help students understand the different parts of a sentence. You can also use objects, sentence strips, cut and paste activities to help students create their own sentences.
  3. Play Games: Kid love games! They’re are an excellent way to make learning both fun and engaging. Play games such as “Sentence Scavenger Hunt” or “Sentence Builders” to help students learn how to create and identify different sentence structures.
  4. Read Aloud: Reading aloud either during whole class reading sessions or teacher-led guided reading groups to students can help them understand how sentences are structured. When reading a story, point out the different types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory) and have the students practice identifying them.
  5. Repeated Reading: The power of repeated reading! Repeat sentence structures and encourage students to do the same. This will help them remember the different parts of a sentence and how they fit together.
  6. Provide lots of varied opportunities for students to practice creating and identifying different sentence structures in sentence writing centers, daily journal writing, creative writing, concrete-base learning. Embed these opportunities throughout the daily teaching and learning program.

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How to Teach Sentence Structure

How to Teach Sentence Structure

How to Teach Sentence Structure

How to Teach Sentence Structure

This printable bundle consists of the following products (each product is sequenced as it builds on the previous skills):

1. Simple Sentences Worksheets (25 pages):

  • Read a simple sentence
  • Color picture
  • Cut word cards
  • Unscramble word cards
  • Paste word cards to create a simple sentence


2. Reading, Writing and Building Simple Sentences (25 worksheets):

  • Practice simple sentence structure
  • Recognize capitalization and final punctuation
  • Sight word practice and recognition
  • CVC blending and segmenting
  • Reading fluency and comprehension
  • Fine motor skills (cutting, pasting, coloring-in)


3. Sight Word Sentences – Fluency (30 worksheets):

  • Read the sight word sentence
  • Trace the sight word sentence
  • Write the sight word sentence
  • Build the sight word sentence (students cut word cards and paste in sequence to create a proper sentence)
  • Draw and color sight word sentence


4. Sentence Building Activities Cut and Paste Pack (72 pages):

  • 10 ‘What Do You See’ writing templates with pictures


  • 10 ‘I Can Read, Write & Draw’ worksheets


  • 16 Reading Passages & Word Work worksheets


  • 30 Vocabulary Cards with pictures


  • 10 extra-lined paper for differentiation


Also included are the following visuals which can be used as posters, desk-mats or printed for notebooks as a quick reference point for students:

  • People
  • Feelings
  • Numbers
  • Colors (US version)
  • Colours (UK version)
  • 2D Shapes
  • Left Hand, Right Hand
  • Days Of The Week
  • Months of The Year
  • Weather
  • Animals
  • Insects
  • Fruit
  • Objects
  • Sentence/Conversation Starters
  • Sight Words
  • Bilingual Chart 1 (Spanish – English)
  • Bilingual Chart 2 (Spanish – English)
  • Bilingual Chart 3 (Spanish – English)
  • Bilingual Chart 4 (Spanish – English)


This bundle covers the following literacy skills:

  • Reading Fluency
  • Simple Sentence Structure
  • Sight Word Recognition
  • Grammar (capitalization and punctuation)
  • Fine motor skills (cutting and pasting)



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