How to Teach Summarizing Nonfiction Text

January 30, 2024

How to Teach Summarizing Nonfiction Text

How to Teach Summarizing Nonfiction Text

Teaching kids to summarize nonfiction texts involves helping them extract key information, understand the main idea, and organize details effectively. Here are some strategies tailored for teaching summarization of nonfiction texts to kids:

How to Teach Summarizing Nonfiction Text

Begin by introducing nonfiction text features: This includes headings, subheadings, captions, and bold or italicized text. Explain to students how these features help identify important information.

Identify Main Idea and Key Details: Project a slide on your smartboard and model how to find the main idea and of the nonfiction text. Use teacher think-alouds and circle, underline or highlight key information.

Graphic Organizers: Graphic organizers are great to use for summarizing a text as they help students to visually organize main ideas and supporting details.

Highlight Key Information: Encourage students to use colored highlighters when identifying the main idea in a nonfiction text. This is particularly helpful for visual learners.

Make connections to Prior Knowledge: Tap into students’ prior knowledge to help them make links to the text, so that they can summarize the text more easily.

How to Teach Summarizing Nonfiction Text

By incorporating these strategies and making summarization an interactive and engaging process, you can help kids develop strong skills in summarizing nonfiction texts.


How to Teach Summarizing Nonfiction Text

How to Teach Summarizing Nonfiction Text

These summarizing google slides teach students how to in identify and summarize the main idea of nonfiction reading passages. These visually appealing Main Idea PowerPoint Google Slides explicitly teach the step-by-step process of effective reading strategies required for summarizing non fiction text. Also included are printable summarizing writing templates, label and coloring activity and an illustration activity!

Suitable for:

  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade


This no prep resource is ideal for:

  • Distance Learning
  • Whole Class Explicit Teaching & Learning
  • Literacy Centers (iPads)
  • Independent Work


Google Slides are interactive with text boxes included for student responses! This resource consists of the following:

Slide 1: Today’s Learning Intention

Slide 2: What is Summarizing?

Slide 3: What is the Main Idea?

Slide 4: Think Like An Author

Slide 5: Summarizing Strategy One

Slide 6: Summarizing Strategy Two

Slide 7: Summarizing Strategy Three

Slide 8: Summarizing Strategy Four

Slide 9: Read the Short Text

Slide 10: Where Frogs Live

Slide 11: What Do You Think Was The Main Idea?

Slide 12: The Main Idea Was…

Slide 13: Let’s Recap!

Slide 14: Drag Text Boxes to Label Frog’s Different Body Parts

Slide 15: Summarizing Writing Activity

Slide 16: Draw and label a Frog’s Habitat

Slide 17: Print Writing Template (with embedded check-list)

Slide 18: Label and Color-In Activity (print slide)

Slide 19: Drawing Activity (print slide)

Slide 20: Print Writing Template (with embedded check-list)

Slide 21: Extra line Writing Template for differentiation (print slide)


How to Teach Summarizing Nonfiction Text

Skills covered in this resource:

  • Reading Fluency
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Identifying main idea
  • Recalling facts
  • Visualizing
  • Applying new knowledge

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