Mystery Math Worksheets

June 21, 2023

Mystery Math Worksheets

Some kids are natural mathematical thinkers and love all things math, but then there are others that are just not

motivated by numbers, patterns, addition and subtraction and the rest.

That’s where Mystery Math worksheets are an absolute necessity!

Students are engaged and motivated in mathematical learning without even realising they’re doing math.

These 3rd Grade Math Worksheets are engaging and motivating because they are presented as a Mystery Math

Pack, which adds an element of excitement and suspense to math learning.


Mystery Math Packets promote:

  1. Critical Thinking Skills: Mystery math worksheets often require students to think critically and apply their math knowledge to solving puzzles, riddles and mysteries.
  2. Problem-Solving Skills: By working on mystery math worksheets, students learn to approach math problems with a fun and positive attitude, which enables them to apply learned strategies willingly to problem solve and crack a code!
  3. Application of Math Concepts: Mystery math worksheets provide opportunities for students to apply their math concepts and skills in real-life scenarios.
  4. Building Math Confidence: Students feel empowered to solving a mystery case and hence, experience success and confidence in their math abilities as they solve the mysteries and decode messages.

If you’re looking for a 1st-2nd Grade Mystery Math Packet, click here

Mystery Math Worksheets


If you’re looking for a no prep ready to go Mystery Math Packet, then this is for you! Your students will be

totally engaged in trying to solve the mystery of the missing school bus that they will forget they’re actually doing

math! Ideal for math lessons, math centers, independent problem solving or working

with a partner. Your students will asking for mystery math cases to solve!



Ideal for:

  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade



This Mystery Math Worksheets consists of the following:

  • Teacher Notes
  • Cover Page
  • Mystery Case Brief
  • Decoding Clue Sheet
  • Number Chart Skip Counting Activity
  • Number Patterns
  • Expanded Form
  • Addition Word Problems
  • Double Digits Briefcase Subtraction
  • True or False Mental Math
  • What’s the Time Analogue Clocks
  • 3-Digit Place Value
  • Mystery Solved Sheet
  • Teacher Answers

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