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Welcome to my blog – a fun place where I write and share about my teaching tips, hints and strategies that have been game changers in my own classroom.

I’ve been teaching for 13 years and have come to learn the true meaning of working smarter and not harder.

For this reason, you will find that most of my TpT resources are NO PREP printables that will literally save you hours upon hours of time!


I think back to when I first started teaching, coming out of 4 years of university, and feeling overwhelmed because although I had all this theory,

how  on earth am I supposed to transfer it practically in a classroom?


Creating core-aligned TpT resources is a passion of mine because I love the creativity aspect of it and of course, the feeling of

helping other teachers streamline their teaching planning.


In my spare time, I like taking long walks along the beach, breathing in the salty ocean breeze, traveling, baking and cooking for my family and friends.

My hope in this fun space is that every time someone visits my blog, that they leave with at lease one helpful teaching tip, hint, strategy or resource

that will streamline their teaching life!


Let’s connect!


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Welcome to teacherinspo123...a place of inspiration, teaching tips and strategies! I am an elementary teacher who enjoys teaching and creating fun core-aligned resources that engage young learners. I love spending time with family, baking choc chip muffins and taking long walks on the beach. Read More

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