How to Teach Math in a Fun Way

How to Teach Math in a Fun Way

How to Teach Math in a Fun Way

I remember when I first stated teaching math, I would teach addition first and not move onto subtraction until I thought my students absolutely nailed the concept.

I have since changed my approach and now teach addition and subtraction together because it has proven to be beneficial and much more effective! Why? Because both mathematical operations are related and it makes sense that we teach them together, so that our students see the connection between the two and understand that addition and subtraction are the inverse operations of each other.

How to Teach Math in a Fun Way

The same goes with multiplication and division. Similar to addition and subtraction, teaching these two operations together can also be more effective in ensuring:

  1. Students develop a deeper conceptual understanding of mathematical relationships
  2. They can see the connections between the two related operations and how they can be used interchangeably in problem-solving.
  3. They become more fluent at performing calculations involving both operations, which is a key skill in mathematics.
  4. Students develop successful life skills and apply inverse operation knowledge when in everyday life when shopping, or solving word problems.

How to Teach Math in a Fun Way

Let’s not forget another big positive…it’s easier for the teacher to teach! It’s almost like two for the price of one. Teaching two interrelated mathematical operations at the same time is way more efficient on all fronts.

This Math Fact Fluency Review Games Bundle consists of 4 sets where students get to review adding, subtracting, multiplying and solving word problems! A low prep Math Games Bundle that is perfect for math facts review in math centers, morning work review or small groups. Includes addition facts to 20, subtraction facts within 20, multiplication facts fun word problems!

Also Suitable for:

  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade Review/Support

This BUNDLE includes the following 4 products:


How to Teach Math in a Fun Way

1. KABOOM Fast Fluency consists of:

  • 56 cards
  • Addition Facts
  • Subtraction Facts
  • Friends of 10
  • Math Fluency Practice

How to Teach Math in a Fun Way


2. KABOOM Mental Math consists of:

  • 56 cards
  • Addition Concept
  • Subtraction Concept
  • Skip Counting Forwards
  • Skip Counting Backwards
  • Math Recall Skills

How to Teach Math in a Fun Way


3. KABOOM Word Problems consists of:

  • 48 cards
  • Addition Word Problems
  • Subtraction Word Problems
  • One-Step Word Problems
  • Two-Step Word Problems
  • Word Problem Strategies Practice

How to Teach Math in a Fun Way

4. KABOOM Multiplication consists of:

  • 48 cards
  • Groups of Concept
  • Early Multiplication
  • Multiplication Practice



How to use this resource:

  • Place cards face down in a center pile
  • Students play pairs or small group
  • They take turns at selecting a card and solving it
  • If accurate, the student gets to keep the card
  • If inaccurate, student choose a ‘friend mathematician’ to have a go
  • If a student picks up a KABOOM card, then all his/her cards go back under the pile
  • Student with the most cards in hand wins!


How to Teach Math in a Fun Way

Why you need this math bundle! It is so versatile that it can be used all year round for:

  • Math Center Activities
  • Partner Games
  • Small Groups
  • Whole Class Explicit Teaching via Smartboard
  • Math Intervention
  • One-on-one assessment
  • Sub Plan Day Math Activities

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