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Are you looking for year long literacy centers that are fun, engaging and ELA core aligned? Then you will love this low prep BUNDLE! Imagine having all your literacy centers, small group rotations, big and small group reading activities sorted for the entire year? You can relax knowing that the literacy activities cover common core standards…plan smarter not harder and save valuable time!


Invest once in this year long bundle and use year after year after year!





Suitable for:

  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade















This bundle consists of the following 13 products:





1. Beginning Sounds Worksheets


  • Let’s Read and Color!
  • Beginning Sound Graphic Organizer
  • Write the Room
  • Color by Code
  • Be an Author & Write a Story
  • Differentiation Writing Template
  • Visual Mind Map (pictures and labels)
  • Tracing alphabet letters
  • Beginning sounds
  • letter-sound recognition
  • Identifying pictures and words
  • segmenting and blending CVC words
  • Reading simple sentences
  • Drawing and labeling pictures



2. Short Vowel Word Cards: 20 CVC Word Cards & 20 Matching Picture Cards for:


  • cat
  • dog
  • rat
  • pig
  • hat
  • box
  • fox
  • bat
  • net
  • web
  • pan
  • fin
  • bed
  • cup
  • fan
  • can
  • mop
  • gum




3. CVC Word Activities:

  • 20 colored slides to project onto interactive whiteboard (whole class)
  • 20 printer friendly B/W worksheets/templates for literacy centers
  • 1 blank template for students to independently select a word
  • ‘My Word Work Booklet’ front cover page (students feel like authors!)


The following vocabulary is covered:

  • sat
  • log
  • rat
  • pig
  • ant
  • bat
  • sun
  • man
  • bug
  • boy
  • girl
  • owl
  • swim
  • slug
  • grub
  • star
  • fish
  • duck
  • snail
  • frog



4. Phonics Blending and Segmenting:

This 20 slide resource consists of images, vocabulary with highlighted word patterns and a compound sentence. Can be used for whole class instruction, literacy centers or individually. Words include:


cat, bat, dog, hen, pig, cow, duck, goat, boy, ball, girl, book, hat, sun, can, car, bed, mug, fish, cloud, feet, food, star, tree, owl, chair, kite, bike, sock, star, house, mouse, storm, fairy, bird, horse

Skills covered:

  • read word family words
  • identify and match words with the correct picture
  • read a sentence
  • identify different word family (word patterns)
  • reading fluency and comprehension
  • simple sentence structure (capital letters and final punctuation)



5. /a/ Short Vowel Sort for Reading Fluency (ab, ad, ag, am, an, ap, ar, at):

There are 48 interactive ‘click & drag’ word cards for:


cab, lab, jab, dab, tab, nab

bad, dad, lad, sab, had, pad

bag, sag, tag, lag, rag, wag

ham, dam, yam, ram, jam, cam

can, tan, van, ban, van, fan

cap, sap, nap, tap, rap, lap

car, far, tar, bar, jar, par

cat, sat, bat, vat, rat, hat


The following phonics and word recognition skills covered in this resource:

  • orally produce single syllable words
  • isolate and pronounce initial, medial vowel and final sounds (phonemes)
  • decode regularly spelt CVC words
  • segment and blend CVC words
  • apply this knowledge of grade level phonics to simple sentence writing



6. Make a Monster Halloween Book:


Students will love this early narrative picture book writing activity where they get to create for Halloween or anytime of year! A book with no pictures, children analyze the illustrations, practice making predictions and use their imagination to write a story. Included are teacher notes, vocabulary builder Anchor Chart and narrative example!



7. Circle Time Nursery Rhymes (for establishing routines and behavior management): This no prep resource consists of the following:


  • 7 Nursery Rhyme PowerPoint Slides with pictures
  • Music Digital Link
  • I Like Ducks Writing Prompt
  • I Like Ducks Writing Prompt (differentiated version)
  • Can-Have-Are Graphic Organizer
  • Coloring Page
  • B/W Duck Stick Puppet Craftivity
  • Color Duck Stick Puppet Craftivity



8. The following 10 Kindergarten songs in PowerPoint are included:


  • It Is Circle Time
  • Whole Body Listener
  • Story Time
  • Be Respectful
  • I Have Feelings
  • Time To Line Up
  • Math Time
  • Skip Count
  • I Am A Kind Friend
  • Time To Pack Away


How I use this resource in my classroom:


  • I explicitly teach each transition song so students know what is expected (I model what needs to be done)
  • I project the desired PowerPoint slide (eg. Be Respectful) via my interactive whiteboard as a signal and a visual that it is transition time




9. Fox in Socks: This resource consists of the following:


  • Teacher Notes explaining each activity
  • Digital Story link
  • Fox in Socks Rhyming Words and Pictures (Matching Game)
  • Color, cut, glue pictures and words activity
  • Design a Book Cover
  • Writing Prompt Craftivity (version 1)
  • Writing Prompt Craftivity (version 2)
  • Story Sequencing Activity
  • Story Mapping Activity
  • My Fox in Socks Illustration (draw and label activity)
  • Fox in Socks Coloring Page
  • Fox in Socks Popsicle Stick Puppet (use to retell story to a partner)
  • Knox Popsicle Stick Puppet (use to retell story to a partner)




10. Roll and Read Dice Board Games (Literacy and Math):

In ELA, they will roll and read cvc, cvcc, ccvc, sight words and simple sentences. In numeracy, students will practice doubles, friends of ten, mental math, addition and subtraction. Included in these dice games pack are 8 editable boards for you to update with your literacy and math learning objectives of the day, week or month!



11. All About Me Spring Flower:

Whether it’s the first day of school or first day or spring, your students will loves this All About Me Flower Craftivity. This is a great getting to know you activity which comes in an assortment of colors and also an editable version too! The finished crafts look amazing on your first day of spring or first day of school bulletin board.


  • a blank b/w flower template
  • an editable version
  • a blue flower template
  • a pink flower template
  • a green flower template
  • an orange flower template
  • a red flower template



12. ‘I Have Who Has’ Word Picture Match (Short Vowel Sounds)


An ideal phonics game to play with a partner, small group, literacy centers and RTI intervention. Simply print and laminate these 36 matching word picture cards either in color or b/w!



13. Thanksgiving Craft:


This Thanksgiving Craftivity will encourage your students to reflect on being grateful…thanksgiving grateful!



This no prep pack consists of the following:

  • Teacher Notes on how to use this resource
  • b/w turkey writing template
  • color turkey writing template
  • b/w turkey with book
  • color turkey with book



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