Project Based Learning Activities for 3rd Grade

June 8, 2024

Project Based Learning Activities for 3rd Grade

Project Based Learning Activities for 3rd Grade

What exactly is project-based learning?

Project-based learning is a popular educational approach, whereby students build sequential knowledge and skills by working on aparticular project over an extended period. The most effective projects provide children with the opportunity to explore and solve real-world problems.

Why is project-based learning important?

Project-based learning encourages students to be critical and creative thinkers as they learn how to problem solve real life situations. Students are immediately engaged in PBL as they connect to real life situations and therefore, the learning is relevant.

How does project-based learning differentiate?

Educators love project-based learning because it is differentiation at its best! All students in one class can work at their own individual abilities and not feel excluded. PBL is inclusive and purposeful learning that caters for each student. Children delve deep into a topic and can add as much detail as they can!

How to set up project based learning?

Setting up project-based learning for students to work on quietly for a week does require thoughtful planning, however it is definitely worthwhile as once the work is set, children are deeply engaged in learning over days!

Here is an already created Tree House Project that kids love:

This Tree House Project is no prep packet that consists of a fun facts reading passage for kids to read and highlight main ideas, brainstorm bubble map, design logos, planning graphic organizers, menus, coloring sheets, STEM activities building a 3D model, writing prompts and much more.

This PBL resource is available both as a print and digital resource, so that you can project on your smartboard for whole class instruction, then print contents either individually or in booklet form (which the kids love!)

Project Based Learning Activities for 3rd Grade

What’s included:

  • ‘My Tree House Project’ (cover page)
  • Reading Passage (students read and highlight)
  • I Can Visualize My Tree House!
  • Design 4 Tree Houses
  • Brainstorm Tree House Ideas (Bubble Map)
  • Plan a Summer Tree House
  • Plan a Fall Tree House
  • Plan a Winter Tree House
  • Plan a Spring Tree House
  • Design and Label Your Tree House
  • Draw a Bird’s Eye View Floor Plan of your Tree House
  • Building Skills
  • Work and Safety
  • Material Costings
  • How Many Workers Needed?
  • My Favorite Part of This Project… (writing prompt)
  • Extra-lined writing template (for differentiation)
  • Venn Diagram: Compare/Contrast Tree House and Brick House
  • 2 Things I Wonder…
  • Postcard Writing: Tell a friend all about your tree house project
  • Celebrate! Get creative and create a tree house warming poster
  • Coloring Page

Project Based Learning Activities for 3rd Grade      Project Based Learning Activities for 3rd Grade      Project Based Learning Activities for 3rd Grade

How to use this resource:

  • Print graphic organizers individually or into booklet form for students to work through at their own pace
  • Assign as a digital project
  • Partner Project
  • Homework Project
  • Homeschool or Summer School Project

Click below for more engaging ‘quiet work’ project based learning opportunities for kids:

My Food Truck Project

My Lemonade Stand Project

My Tree House Project

My Restaurant Project

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