10 Fun Ways to Teach Elementary Music to Students

October 27, 2023

10 Fun Ways to Teach Elementary Music to Students

10 Fun Ways to Teach Elementary Music to Students

How can you add more fun to you elementary music lessons? Making music worksheets fun in elementary classrooms is essential to engage young students and keep them interested in learning about music. Here are some creative and interactive ideas to make music worksheets enjoyable:

  1. Coloring Sheets: Incorporate coloring elements into your worksheets. Provide pictures of musical instruments or notes that students can color while they work on the worksheet.
  2. Interactive Puzzles: Create music-themed crossword puzzles, word searches, or mazes related to the content of the worksheet. These can make learning feel like a game.
  3. Music Bingo: Design music bingo cards with musical symbols, note names, or instrument pictures. Call out the clues, and students can mark off the corresponding squares on their bingo cards.
  4. Music Writing Prompts: Provide students with various prompts to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas about music.
  5. Matching Games: Create matching worksheets where students connect musical symbols with their corresponding names or sounds. You can also use images of instruments and their names.
  6. Musical Pictionary: Incorporate drawing into your worksheets. Ask students to draw musical symbols, instruments, or even their interpretation of a musical concept.
  7. Storytelling: Combine music and creative writing by asking students to create short stories or poems related to a musical theme. Encourage them to illustrate their stories.
  8. Musical Math: Integrate math concepts into fun music worksheets – for example, creating a picture graph of instruments.
  9. Music Listening Activities: Music listening worksheets provide learning opportunities for students to listen to, draw symbols and interpret music.
  10. Create Your Own Music: Encourage students to compose their short melodies or rhythms and notate them on the worksheet!


10 Fun Ways to Teach Elementary Music to Students

So music worksheets can be fun, interactive and enjoyable for students, provided they are created with a specific and intentional learning objective that is linked to either a previously taught concept or as a daily review activity. Music worksheets can definitely incorporate elements of expression, creativity and constructivist learning!


10 Fun Ways to Teach Elementary Music to Students

Create your own worksheets or graphic organizers or if you are time poor, click here to purchase a no prep pack of printables that will last you or your sub weeks!

10 Fun Ways to Teach Elementary Music to Students


What is included in this comprehensive pack:

  • Front cover page
  • Music is Fun (girl image)
  • Extra-lined writing template (for differentiation)
  • Music is Fun (boy image)
  • Extra-lined writing template (for differentiation)
  • Guess the Instrument
  • Musical Word Search
  • Instrumental Families
  • Create a Song
  • Musician Count
  • Musical Colors (US version)
  • Musical Colours (UK version)
  • Flute Versus Piano (US version)
  • Flute Versus Piano (UK version)
  • Guitar V Clarinet (US version)
  • Guitar V Clarinet (UK version)
  • Piano V Drums (US version)
  • Piano V Drums (UK version)
  • Compare/Contrast Venn Diagram
  • Let’s Make Music (boy image)
  • Let’s Make Music (girl image)
  • My Instrument of Choice!
  • Music Listening Activity 1
  • Music Listening Activity 2

Click on the pictures below for more no prep music worksheets and lessons!



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