Animal Research Projects for Elementary Students

December 30, 2022

Animal Research Projects for Elementary Students


Animal Research Projects for Elementary Students



Here are five animal research projects for kids:


  1. Animal Habitats: Choose an animal and research its natural habitat. Create a diorama or drawing of the habitat and label the different components.
  2. Animal Adaptations: Select an animal and research its adaptations. Create a poster or presentation that explains how the adaptations help the animal survive in its environment.
  3. Endangered Animals: Choose an endangered animal and research why it is endangered. Create a poster or presentation that explains the reasons for its decline and what can be done to help protect it.
  4. Animal Behavior: Select an animal and research its behavior. Observe the animal in its natural environment or watch videos of it. Create a presentation or report that describes the animal’s behavior and what it might mean.
  5. Animal Classification: Choose a group of animals, such as birds, mammals, or reptiles, and research the characteristics that define the group. Create a chart or presentation that shows how different animals fit into the classification system.


These projects can be adapted for different age ranges and can be done individually or in groups. They can also be combined with art projects or field trips to zoos or nature centers for a more hands-on learning experience.



Animal Research Projects for Elementary Students



It is important to teach research skills in a fun and engaging way so that our elementary students build knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of different subjects.

By conducting research, students can discover new information, explore different perspectives, and form opinions based on evidence. Project for kids promote the following:


  1. Critical thinking: Research skills promote critical thinking and analysis. Students learn to evaluate sources, assess information, and make informed decisions.
  2. Information literacy: Research skills help students develop information literacy, which is the ability to access, evaluate, and use information effectively. In today’s digital age, it is important for students to be able to navigate the vast amount of information available to them and identify reliable sources.
  3. Preparation for future education: Students who develop research skills in elementary school are better equipped to handle the research demands of middle school, high school, and college.
  4. Lifelong learning: Research skills are also important for lifelong learning. Students who develop a love for learning and the skills to conduct research will be better prepared to continue learning throughout their lives.





If you’re looking for no prep informational writing activities and project based graphic organizers, then you will love this Animal Research Project BUNDLE!

Students can work independently or with a partner as they research fun facts on either a dolphin, sea turtle, octopus or penguin. Students cut and paste templates to create a poster or lapbook

and then when finished, deliver an oral presentation to the class! An ideal individual or partner project for science centers or writing centers.



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Suitable for:

  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade



Animal Research Projects for Elementary Students


This BUNDLE consists of 4 different animal research projects (Dolphin, Penguin, Sea Turtle and Octopus). Each project consists of the following printables:

  • ‘My Marine Animal Project’ title page
  • Research Planning Sheet (graphic organizer)
  • Description
  • Habitat
  • Food
  • Protection
  • Fun Fact #1
  • Fun Fact #2
  • Flap Booklet (appearance, predators, life cycle, life span)
  • Everything I Know About My Marine Animal (writing template)
  • Bubble Map
  • Marine Animal Snap Shots
  • Acrostic Activity
  • Picture of a Marine Animals (b/w)
  • Digital version available via Easel (ideal for upper elementary)


Animal Research Projects for Elementary Students



How to use this resource (can be printed or used digitally):

1. This project is not intended for students to complete in one sitting and are ideal to work through over one or two weeks.

2. Provide students with a range of animal nonfiction texts or older students can research their own facts via Junior Google or School Tube

3. Students write and color the animal research project templates

4. They can choose their favorites (or all of the templates) to glue into their interactive notebooks

5. Another idea is having students create a lapbook with different components of these templates

6. Celebrate the end of this work by inviting students to proudly present their

Animal Research Project

7. Finally, display completed work!



Animal Research Projects for Elementary Students


Animal Projects for Elementary Students


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