Easy Literacy Centers Ideas for 3rd Grade

December 22, 2022

Easy Literacy Centers Ideas for 3rd Grade

easy literacy centers ideas for 3rd grade

Are you looking for easy no prep literacy centers for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade? Then you will love this literacy core aligned BUNDLE that consists of narrative writing prompts, opinion writing prompts, main idea and details resources!

This bundle consists of year long writing templates that you can use in writing lessons, writing centers and for writer workshop ideas…Great for emergency sub plans too!




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This 235 page YEAR LONG BUNDLE consists of the following 3 resources:


1. Narrative Writing Unit with Writing Prompts, Graphic Organizers & Posters
(105 pg):


Easy Literacy Centers Ideas for 3rd Grade

Easy Literacy Centers Ideas for 3rd Grade

  • Explicit step-by-step lesson
  • I looked under my bed and found a mystery box! Then…
  • A silver spaceship landed in the playground! Next…
  • My backyard turned into a waterpark! Suddenly…
  • I looked into the mirror and could not believe my eyes! I saw…
  • The whole neighborhood was covered in candy snow! (US version)
  • The whole neighbourhood was covered in candy snow! (UK version)
  • The teacher handed me a note and it read, “You are principal for the day!”
  • My cat leaped onto my lap and talked, “Let’s hang out dude!”
  • I have a secret…I can talk to the animals!
  • In my basement, there is a time machine! I press the red button and…
  • i dig a hole in my backyard and can’t believe my eyes! It’s a…
  • On my way to school, I found a shiny gem! I picked it up and…
  • A wooden box creaked open and voice whispered, “You have 3 wishes!”
  • Our class field trip was to the moon…5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!
  • Abracadabra! Your house is now a magical maze! Enter, turn left and…
  • The apples in the fruit bowl suddenly speak!
  • You wake up and suddenly realize that you are a tiger in the jungle! (US version)
  • You wake up and suddenly realise that you are a tiger in the jungle! (UK version)
  • Your boat becomes shipwrecked on a tropical island! Suddenly…
  • Your family goes on a summer vacation to…MARS!
  • You and your friends go to the mall and see that everything is for free!
  • You visit the museum and find that you are a famous pirate on display!
  • You go to the dog beach and see that all the dogs are playing volley ball!
  • The teacher introduces the class pet and it’s a…HIPPO!
  • You look in your school bag and see a chimp eating your banana! Next…
  • The new class teacher is a three-eyed alien with green hair! Suddenly…
  • Congratulations! You have won first prize…a trip to Saturn!
  • A strong gust of wind blows and suddenly you grow wings! Then…
  • It’s your birthday! You open your present and it’s a baby dinosaur…
  • Santa writes you a letter. He wants YOU to be his number one elf!
  • You are soaking in a bubble bath, when suddenly the bath sails away!
  • You teleport to an insect world, but the insects are bigger than you!
  • You wake up with a red cape and mask on. You are super hero of the day!
  • You climb up a tree…up, up, up. Suddenly a cloud sucks you up! Next…
  • You go to the hen pen, but instead of hens, you see ogres laying eggs! Then…
  • You put on your school uniform but it magically transforms into a spacesuit!
  • You come back from school and find a robot making pancakes in your kitchen!
  • You open your window and jump onto a shooting star and land on…
  • You play basketball with a team of super-sonic robots!
  • You walk into a garden and all the bugs are reading books! Next…
  • You wake up in the middle of the night and find that you’re a giant snail!
  • Your best friend bumps his head and suddenly speaks gibberish!
  • There’s a knock-knock-knock on the window! Suddenly…
  • You’re swimming at the beach when suddenly a whale flips you on its back!
  • You go to visit grandma, but instead of grandma, you find…
  • The doorbell rings. You open the door and find a mystery…
  • A parcel arrives with your name on it. You open it slowly and out pops a…
  • You walk into the bathroom and find a giant octopus with purple spots!
  • It’s a normal school day, but you get to school and nobody is there! Next…



2. Opinion Writing Unit that consists of:


  • Comprehensive step-by-step lesson plan
  • Suggested list of persuasive picture books to use as a ‘hook’
  • 50 Writing Templates (each with an embedded writing rubric)
  • 10 weeks of persuasive topics for your Oral Language Program
  • 6 colored posters for your Bulletin Board or Writing Wall

Easy Literacy Centers Ideas for 3rd Grade


The following no prep Opinion Writing Prompts are included:


  • Every School Should Have a Pet
  • Books Are Better Than Technology
  • All Junk Food Should Be Banned
  • Social Media Is Bad For You
  • Basketball Is The Best Sport
  • Writing is Better Than Drawing
  • Vanilla Ice-Cream Is The Best Flavor (US)
  • Vanilla Ice-Cream Is The Best Flavour (UK)
  • Fishing Should Be Banned
  • Lollipops Should Be Free
  • Every School Should Have a Pool
  • Summer Is The Best Season
  • Strawberries Are The Best Fruit
  • Pigs Don’t Make Good Pets
  • Cell Phones Should Be Banned (US)
  • Mobile Phones Should Be Banned (UK)
  • Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs
  • Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos
  • School Should Be On Weekends Only
  • Math is Better Than English
  • English is Better Than Math
  • Watching Movies Is Better Than Reading
  • Blank Writing Template
  • My Planning Sheet (boy graphic organizer)
  • My Planning Sheet (girl graphic organizer)


Each writing prompt template has the following embedded checklist:


  • I remembered to state my opinion
  • I remembered to give 3 reasons
  • I remembered to use linking words
  • I remembered my conclusion

The following 6 posters are included:

  • Use Present Tense
  • Use Emotive Words
  • Use Powerful Verbs
  • Use Connectives
  • Use Convincing Words
  • Use Alliteration


3. Main Ideas and Supporting Details Task Cards, Worksheets & Graphic

Organizers (45 pgs):

Easy Literacy Centers Ideas for 3rd Grade

  • Humpback Whales
  • Lions
  • Tigers
  • Elephants
  • Leopards
  • Zebras
  • Green Tree Frog
  • Koalas


Main Idea Bubble Maps & Fun Facts:

  • Triceratops
  • Scorpions
  • Mexican Axolotl
  • Whales


The following Main Idea Graphic Organizers:

  • Bats
  • Sharks
  • Snakes
  • Bears
  • Dolphins
  • Crabs
  • Living Things
  • Pollution
  • Cyclones
  • Earthquakes
  • Tidal Waves
  • Jumbo Jets
  • Ships
  • Trains
  • Planets
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Stars


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