12 Ways to Build a Positive Classroom Community in Grade 1-3

September 2, 2022
As teachers, we know the importance of of team building games and activities, especially in the first week of school!
Team building is the foundation for creating a safe learning environment where effective peer learning happens and where students communicate and interact in positive and respectful ways.
Here are 4 successful community building ideas, strategies and resources that you can easily implement into your elementary classroom.
This Back to School Activities – All About Me – Getting to Know You BUNDLE is an absolute life saver for the first few weeks of school! Build a happy classroom community with these team building and growth mindset activities!
1. All About Me Puzzle: Students work in pair and write and cut their own A4 puzzle set. Then their partner reads about their friend and puts the puzzle together – vice versa:
  • All About Me Puzzle (9 pieces)
  • About Me Puzzle (2 pieces)
  • About My Family (2 pieces)
  • About My Friends (2 pieces)
  • About My Pets (2 pieces)
  • About My Teacher (2 pieces)
  • My School (2 pieces)
  • How I Get To School (2 pieces)
  • My Favorite Movie (2 pieces)
  • My Favorite Book (2 pieces)
  • My Favorite Ice cream (2 pieces)
  • My Hobby (2 pieces)
2. Empowering Back to School Bulletin Board and First Week of School Activities consists of:
  • 17 individual letters and 1 exclamation mark in A4 size that spell Reach For The Stars!
  • EDITABLE brightly colored stars with embedded name templates for students 
  • 1 black and white star template for students to personalize and decorate 
  • Bright colored number pennants for the 2021-22 school year
These 10 inspirational posters are literally the back-bone of building a positive growth mindset in your classroom:
  • Believe In Yourself
  • Be A Goal Setter
  • Strive For Accuracy
  • You Can Do It
  • Do Your Personal Best
  • Make Learning Fun
  • Have a ‘Can-Do’ Attitude
  • Reflect On Your Learning
  • Stretch Your Thinking
  • Reach For The Stars
For students to truly understand the meaning of the above-mentioned posters, the following booklet with writing templates has been created (ideal for first week activities!) Each writing template has a writing prompt to help students:
  • ‘My Reach For The Stars’ Book
  • I Believe In Myself
  • I Can Set Goals
  • I Can Strive For Accuracy
  • My Personal Best Means…
  • I Can Make Learning Fun By…
  • I Can Reflect On My Learning By…
  • I Can Stretch My Thinking By…
  • A ‘Can-Do’ Attitude Is…
  • Reach For The Stars Means…
  • A blank writing template
  • Extra lined writing template for extension students or upper grades
3. Back to School Writing Activities for the First Week of School. The finished writing samples look great on a Getting To Know Your Bulletin Board:
  • Get To Know Me (girl image)
  • Get To Know Me (boy image)
  • My First Week Of School
  • About My Family
  • My Favorite Movie
  • Vacation Snaps
  • Summer Time Fun
  • My Favorite Book
  • Fun Facts About Me (girl image)
  • Fun Facts About Me (boy image)
  • What I Like About School
4. Math Talk Bulletin Board with Posters & Strategies to empower the little mathematicians in your class:
  • ‘Let’s Talk Math’ heading
  • SOLVE acronym
  • Addition Symbol
  • 8 addition vocabulary cards
  • Subtraction Symbol
  • 8 subtraction vocabulary cards
  • Multiplication Symbol
  • 8 multiplication vocabulary cards
  • Division Symbol
  • 4 division vocabulary cards
  • 26 Math Growth Mindset Cards to empower students to think mathematically
  • 5 SOLVE strategy cards

    1. Search for Smaller Parts
    2. Organize Your Thinking & Strategies
    3. List: Make a List
    4. Visualize: Draw a Picture
    5. Estimate: Take a Guess
Suitable for:
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
  • ESL Newcomers
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