Fast Finisher Task Cards for Early Finishers Activities

February 8, 2024

Fast Finisher Task Cards for Early Finishers Activities

Whether it’s the first week of school or any time of the year, every classroom needs Fast Finisher Task Cards or an early finisher packet for class choice board! Included are some ELA enrichment activities ideal for gifted learners! Imagine never having to hear, “I’m done, now what” ever again. Covers literacy and numeracy, history, science and critical thinking activities. A must-have for a calm and engaged classroom!

Fast Finisher Task Cards for Early Finishers Activities


Fast Finisher Task Cards for Early Finishers Activities


Fast Finisher Task Cards for Early Finishers Activities

This bundle consists of:

1. Early Finisher Task Cards: cover ELA, Math, History & Science. Includes the following:


  • Read a book, then draw the main character
  • Draw and label a map of the story setting
  • Write 10 interesting words and circle the focus sound in each
  • Write a letter to author of your favorite book!
  • Draw and label a diagram of a butterfly
  • Create a brainstorm as many ‘ai’ sound words as you can…begin with rain!
  • Create a Venn Diagram to compare/contrast dogs and cats
  • Write your spelling list words in fancy fonts and colors
  • Choose a book from the classroom library and draw a story map of the 5Ws (who, what, why, when, where)
  • Think of 3 adjectives and write them into fun sentences…then draw pictures!
  • Write about the best birthday party you ever went to!
  • Choose a picture book. Write down a question before reading, one during reading and one after reading
  • Close your eyes…choose a surprise book, open your eyes and write your prediction about what the story is about.
  • If you were principal of a school for one day, write a list of what you would do?
  • Fold a piece of paper in half and recreate a picture book story with text and illustrations (Challenge yourself and create a tri-fold book!)
  • Design an olden day toy from the past. Make a list of all the recycled materials you will need, then draw and label a picture of your design
  • Select a nonfiction book and design a new front cover!



  • Write down as many double facts as you know beginning with 1+1!
  • Write down ‘Friends of Ten’ facts using all the colors of the rainbow
  • Draw a number from 1 to 20….can you go further?
  • List as many words as you can that also mean addition?
  • List as many words as you can that also mean subtraction?
  • ‘Math is everywhere – it is all around us!’ What does this sentence mean to you? Write your thoughts.
  • Dice Math: Roll two die and create as many number sentences as you can

(Challenge: Roll three die to add 3 numbers!)

  • Use blocks to build a shape. THen draw and label the vertices and edges


History & Science:

  • Create a T Chart of things in the Present and things in the Past
  • Go on a quiet environmental walk and write the room!
  • Make a list of living and nonliving things. Circle 3 of your favorites to draw & label
  • Also included is a printable ‘My Early Finisher Task Booklet’ with a personalised front cover & 32 pages of response sheets corresponding to each task card


2. ‘I’m Done, Now What?’ Activities:

  • 48 early finisher task activities (simply laminate, cut and place in either a jar or box!)
  • 10 brightly colored posters for your bulletin board (posters can be copied on A4 or A3 size)
  • US and UK compatible

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