First Week Back to School Activities

May 30, 2023

First Week Back to School Activities

Preparing for the new school year as an elementary teacher doesn’t have to be stress and overwhelming.

To help you stay organized and ensure a smooth start, here’s a checklist of tasks you can print and check off:

  1. Classroom Setup:
  • Arrange desks and seating arrangements.
  • Create designated areas for different activities (reading corner, writing center or writer’s workshop area, STEAM corner etc)
  • Decorate bulletin boards and walls with educational displays.
  • Stationery, Supplies and Materials:
  • Stock up on pencils, pens, whiteboard markers, highlighters, paper etc
  • Laminate literacy and numeracy desk mats
  • Organize manipulatives, concrete materials and educational games in clear tubs with labels

2.  Curriculum and Lesson Planning:

3. Classroom Management:


4. Communication:

  • Set up a communication system with parents
  • Create a parent contact information sheet.
  • Prepare introductory letters for parents and students
  • Student Assessment and Anecdotal Notes:
  • Prepare a Student Assessment folder or a digital grading system.
  • Set up individual student folders or portfolios for work samples and finished craftivities.


5. Integrated Digital Technology:

  • Familiarize yourself with any classroom technology (computers, interactive whiteboards, etc.).
  • Test all technology equipment and ensure they are in working order.
  • Speak to your IT department about installing software or apps.


6. Health and Safety:

  • Familiarize yourself with any health and safety protocols.
  • Organize and label first aid supplies.
  • Develop an emergency response plan.
  • Personal Organization:
  • Set up a teacher planner or digital calendar
  • Create a weekly to-do list


7. Professional Development:

  • Look for professional development opportunities and workshops.
  • Update your teaching portfolio or resume.
  • Join online teaching communities or forums for support

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