Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

May 11, 2024

Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

Science of Reading Stations refer to a structured approach to teaching reading that is evidence-based and designed to provide targeted instruction in foundational reading skills that fosters early literacy development.

Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

Incorporating Science of Reading into your literacy stations or centers need not be overwhelming. In fact, many educators are following SOR protocols without realising it.

The following stations provide systematic and explicit instruction in phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and writing:

  1. Phonemic Awareness & Phonics: Activities focused on developing an understanding of the individual sounds, or phonemes, in spoken language. This might include rhyming games, segmenting and blending sounds, and identifying beginning and ending sounds in words.
  2. Fluency Passages: Activities designed to improve reading fluency, including repeated reading of texts and practicing reading with expression and prosody.
  3. Vocabulary: Activities focused on building students’ vocabulary knowledge, including the introduction of topic-specific words through that students can read and include in their writing activities.
  4. Comprehension: Activities aimed at developing students’ comprehension skills, including strategies for understanding text such as predicting, summarizing, questioning, and making connections (text to self connection)
  5. Writing: Activities that integrate writing instruction with reading instruction, such as guided writing, interactive writing activities and individual writing activities where students can apply phonics and spelling skills in their own writing.

Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

Whether you’re looking for fun end of year activities, no prep literacy centers of first grade review packet, this versatile BUNDLE has it all covered! Packed with print and go worksheets that cover cvc words, word families, sight word practice, sentence building and more! Ideal for morning work, literacy stations, homework and reading  intervention. Project on smartboard for whole class instruction and then print worksheets for students to complete!


Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

This bundle consists of the following 6 Science of Reading products:

1. CVC Word Family Word Work for Reading Intervention

This comprehensive step-by-step packet has teacher notes and consists of word family fluency reading passages, short vowel anchor charts, cvc worksheets, cvc flower crafts and more! This one pack will provide your students with reading and writing short vowel sounds on no prep worksheets. Ideal to project on smartboard, print for literacy centers, morning work, early finisher activities, phonics review, homework, intervention, no prep for the sub!

This packet consists of a scripted lesson and covers the following word families:

  • am
  • an
  • at
  • ed
  • en
  • et
  • ig
  • in
  • ip
  • og
  • op
  • ot
  • ug
  • un
  • ut

For each word family, the following worksheets are provided:

  • Anchor Charts
  • Short Vowel Worksheets
  • Word Family Flower Worksheets/Crafts
  • Word Family House Worksheets

Included are the following Reading Passages for students to read, highlight and complete word work activities on:

  • Pam the Clam
  • A Man
  • A Fat Cat
  • Zed fed Ed
  • A Red Hen
  • A Wet Pet
  • A Pig in a Wig
  • A Thin Pin
  • Dog on a Log
  • Pop and a Mop
  • Jot a Dot
  • A Bug and a Slug
  • I Can Run
  • A Nut

Also included are the following spelling and dictation worksheets with teacher answers:

  • am, an, at Spelling & Dictation Worksheet
  • ed, en, et Spelling & Dictation Worksheet
  • ig, in, ip Spelling & Dictation Worksheet
  • og, op, ot Spelling & Dictation Worksheet
  • ug, un, ut Spelling & Dictation Worksheet

Skills covered:

  • Phoneme segmentation and blending
  • Short vowels
  • CVC word families
  • rhyming words
  • Reading fluency
  • Elements of poetry (rhyme)

Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

2. 1st grade Sentence Building Worksheets – Decodable High Frequency:

This no prep printable packet consists of over 100 sight word practice worksheets! Students will practice reading, word and letter tracing, highlight word search, write a sentence and then draw a picture. Ideal for writing centers, morning work, literacy centers and sub plans..simply print and go!

There are 100 printable Sight Word Worksheets that cover the following words:

  • like
  • was
  • see
  • big
  • are
  • look
  • can
  • we
  • my
  • run
  • little
  • red
  • two
  • blue
  • make
  • the
  • green
  • went
  • here
  • and
  • funny
  • find
  • with
  • where
  • help
  • not


Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

3. Sentence Building & Writing Sentences: Reading and writing simple sentences is a key part of Science of Reading. It helps students build vocabulary and therefore develop reading fluency. This printable pack consists of Sight Word Sentences, I Can Read and Write Simple Sentences, writing templates with picture supports, writing center activities and posters and much more! simple-sentences-for-first-grad

This 67 page resource consists of the following:

  • 10 ‘What Do You See?’ (writing activities with matching Flash Cards for support)
  • 10 ‘I Can Read, Write, Draw’
  • 10 Sight Word Activities
  • 6 ‘I Can Write and Draw’
  • 30 Flash Cards visuals (ideal for small group support when writing and Vocabulary Walls)
  • 6 ‘Good Writers..’ posters for your Writing Center
  • 4 Text Type Posters
  • Recount Poster
  • Narrative Poster
  • Information Report Poster
  • Procedure Poster
  • Star Writers of the Week Poster
  • Star Writing Goal of the Week

Also included:

  • Bonus posters for writing centers to provide a permanent scaffolding and visual support to young writers

Literacy skills covered:

  • sight word recognition
  • vocabulary knowledge
  • simple sentence structure

Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

4. Morning Work Printables: These 1st Grade Morning Work are ideal for review in centers, homework, fast finishers and include:

Literacy Skill Set:

  • beginning sounds
  • CVC Words
  • Word Families
  • Read Simple Sentences
  • Write Simple Sentences
  • Draw & Label Simple Sentences
  • Letter Recognition
  • Letter & Picture Mathc
  • Read and Copy
  • Trace
  • Write

Math Skill Set:

  • one to one correspondence
  • count
  • count and add
  • number patterns
  • Ten Frames
  • Which number is missing?
  • 2D shape patterns
  • 2D shape name trace
  • number before
  • number after
  • number between
  • bigger number recognition
  • smaller number recognition
  • Simple word problems

Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

5. Writing Prompts for Writing Centers & Writer’s Workshop: Are you looking for no prep first grade writing prompts for writer’s workshop or writing centers? Then check out these engaging writing worksheets that will engage even your most reluctant writers! These that include recounts, narratives and informational writing! Ideal for writing centers, daily writing, writer’s workshop or literacy centers. Inspire your students to become independent and confident writers.

Included in this pack are visually appealing writing templates with the following writing prompts:

  • On the Weekend
  • On the Holidays
  • My Favorite Hobby (US & UK versions)
  • My Favourite Hobby (US & UK versions)
  • Our School Excursion
  • Our School Incursion
  • Our School Assembly
  • Free Dress Day
  • Our Sports Carnival
  • On Sports Day
  • Book Week
  • Today’s Weather
  • When I Lost My Tooth
  • My Favorite Pet (US & UK versions)
  • My Favorite Book (US & UK versions)
  • My Favorite Movie (US & UK versions)
  • My Favorite Food (US & UK versions)
  • My Favorite Ice-cream (US & UK versions)
  • How to be a Kind Friend
  • How I Feel Today
  • I Love My Family
  • My Hobby
  • Christmas Time
  • Hanukkah
  • When I Grow Up
  • If I Were President
  • If I Were Prime Minister
  • I Spy With My Eye
  • My Best Friend
  • My Birthday
  • In My Garden
  • At the Park
  • At the Farm
  • At the Zoo
  • What I Know About Dogs
  • What I Know About Cats
  • What I Know About Penguins
  • What I Know About Lions
  • What I Know About Owls
  • What I Know About Rabbits
  • What I Know About Ladybugs
  • Extra lined page for differentiation (extension)

Science of Reading Stations for First Grade

6. Writing Rubrics: This Writing – Reading – Speaking & Listening Rubric Pack is great for gathering valuable data for each of the following areas:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Speaking & Listening
  • Social and Emotional

In addition, this printable pack consists of 3 differentiated writing templates which are available in either dotted thirds or plain lines and an illustration space.

All writing templates also come with self-editing checklist to foster independence and visual support during their writing activity. This encourages students to self edit their work and provides parents with a visual tool of their child’s areas of strength and development.

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