Fun Math Centers for 2nd Grade

March 3, 2023

Fun Math Centers for 2nd Grade




Math Centers are important part of the math curriculum, but unfortunately many elementary teachers are still not convinced.


So why are Math Centers important?

  1. Individualized Learning: Math centers can be tailored to meet the individual learning needs of students. By providing different activities and tasks, math centers can help students who need extra support or challenges in specific math skills and concepts.
  2. Active Engagement: Math centers encourage students to be active and engaged in their learning. They provide hands-on, interactive activities that promote problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration.
  3. Differentiated Instruction: Math centers allow teachers to differentiate instruction by providing different levels of difficulty and challenge in math activities. This helps ensure that students are appropriately challenged and are not overwhelmed or bored.
  4. Independent Learning: Math centers promote independence and self-directed learning. Students can work at their own pace and have the opportunity to explore and discover math concepts on their own.
  5. Assessment: Math centers can be used as an assessment tool. Teachers can observe students as they work through math activities and gain insights into their understanding of elementary math concepts and skills.



Fun Math Centers for 2nd Grade





Overall, math centers are an effective way to promote student engagement, individualized learning, and differentiated instruction in math. They can help students develop important math skills and concepts while also promoting independence,

collaboration and problem-solving.


Fun Math Centers for 2nd Grade




This Second Grade Math Centers Bundle with Math Games super fun! All math activities are core-aligned and provide students with targeted math practice. Includes adding to 20, quick math facts, subtraction, doubles facts, count on, count back, skip counting, missing number, ten frames, subitizing, place value and simple word problems!



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This Math Bundle consists of the following task card resources:


1. First and Second Grade Math Task Cards: Over 100 task cards that cover addition, subtraction, ten frames, subitizing, quantities and the following ‘brain break’ movement cards to get kids moving while learning math:

  • Wobble Like Jelly
  • 5 Hops
  • Scuttle Like A Crab
  • 5 Star Jumps
  • Creep Like Tiger
  • Freeze Dance
  • Glide Like An Eagle
  • Flutter Like A Butterfly
  • Twirl Like A Ballerina
  • Rock Around The Clock
  • Slither Like A Snake
  • Roar Like A Lion
  • 10 Crocodile Snaps
  • Move-Like-A-Robot


A core-aligned resource that covers the following mathematical concepts:

  • Count On
  • Count Back
  • How Many?
  • Ten Frames
  • Doubles
  • Before, After, Between
  • Skip Counting Number Patterns
  • Odd or Even?
  • Read Number Words
  • Smallest Number
  • Largest Number
  • One Less
  • One More
  • Count by Tens
  • Read & Solve!


2. Math Word Problems – Math Stories – Story Problems – Task Cards: A resource packed with addition and subtraction word problems, math strategies posters, math rubric and printable ‘Working Out Booklet’ for students to show case their problem solving skills.


  • 30 word problem task cards (two-step and three-step word problems)


  • One Addition Vocabulary Poster for display


  • One Subtraction Vocabulary Poster for display


  • 4 Problem Solving Strategy Posters for displaying on Math Word Wall to scaffold students during math centers


  • A printable student ‘My Working Out Booklet’ with empowering Growth Mindset quotes on each page to build mathematical confidence


  • Student Rubric to provide teachers with quick valuable data


  • 2 Problem Solving Think Boards – perfect for differentiation and promoting flexible problem solving in 4 different ways


3. Subitizing and Number Sense Task Cards (Google Classroom): A resource that combines fundamental math skills such as number sense, subitizing, counting and number recognition and movement skills! Covers the following:

  • subitizing
  • counting numbers 1-10
  • reading numbers
  • writing numbers


4. Expanded Form Task Cards: A printable set of 80 three digit number task cards accompanied with Student Response SheetSimply add MABs to math center for students to build mathematical understanding of place value and expanding numbers. Targeted practice incudes:

  • reading numbers
  • writing numbers
  • expanding numbers
  • building numbers



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