How To Do Guided Reading Groups

September 2, 2022

How To Do Guided Reading Groups

How To Do Guided Reading Groups
What is Guided Reading? Guided reading is an instructional approach in which a teacher works with a small group of students who are at similar reading levels to help them improve their reading skills and comprehension.
It is important because it allows for personalized instruction and feedback, addresses individual student needs, promotes independent reading and critical thinking, and helps build a strong reading community within the classroom.
How To Do Guided Reading Groups

How To Do Guided Reading Groups

6 Steps to Effective Guided Reading:
  1. Assessment: The teacher assesses the student’s reading level and selects appropriate text (I often use the Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment because it’s quick, easy and effective!)
  2. Previewing: The teacher and student preview the text together, discussing the title, illustrations and other relevant information.
  3. Setting a purpose for reading: The teacher and student discuss what they hope to learn from the text.
  4. Guided reading: The teacher and student read the text together, asking before-during-after questions, clarifying tricky words and making predictions.
  5. Reviewing and reflecting: After reading, the teacher and student review the text and discuss what was learned. The teacher may also ask the student to reflect on their reading and their understanding of the text.
  6. Independent reading: The student is encouraged to continue reading independently, building on the skills developed during the guided reading session.


How To Do Guided Reading Groups                             How To Do Guided Reading Groups                      How To Do Guided Reading Groups


Generally Guided Reading is conducted in small groups of students who are at a similar reading level. The teacher leads the group through the reading process, providing support and guidance as needed,

while also monitoring each student’s understanding and progress. This small group setting allows the teacher to give individualized attention and support to each student and helps to create a more engaging

and interactive learning experience.

How To Do Guided Reading Groups

How To Do Guided Reading Groups

As Irene Fountas and Gay Pinnell state, “In guided reading, you meet students where they are and lead them forward with intention and precision.” Guided reading Fountas and Pinnell.
Guided reading lessons are intentional and focused on a specific reading objectives such as:
  • phonological awareness
  • phonics
  • decoding
  • blending and segmenting
  • building vocabulary
  • sentence structure
  • reading punctuation
  • building fluency and expression


It also focuses on the following reading comprehension skills:
  • activating prior knowledge
  • visualizing
  • making predictions
  • inferring
  • summarizing
  • questioning (before, during and after reading)
  • character traits
  • Identifying the main idea and providing supporting evidence to back it up


How To Do Guided Reading Groups


Have a designated place where there is permanent environmental print that your students can constantly refer to. Research shows that reading comprehension skills need to be reviewed so that our young readers can effectively move this newly
acquired knowledge from their short term memory to their long term memory. Hence posters, strategy cards, task cards in a Reading Center are important tools of a successful literacy program. As students read a selected text, they have visual supports
to remind them with decoding, blending, segmenting, making predictions and so forth. Guided Reading can be streamlined to set up and very effective. The key components are for the teacher to have a Guided Reading Binder at hand! Included in this
binder are guided reading lesson templates, student data tracking sheets, anecdotal notes template, reading comprehension skills and strategies and 5 W questions.
With this printable Guided Reading Binder, you simply print all the contents in this order and place directly in your teacher ‘Guided Reading Binder.’
This pack consists of:
  • Teacher Notes
  • Guided Reading Lesson Plan Templates
  • Student Data Tracking Sheets
  • Guided Reading Observations/Anecdotal Notes Templates
  • 5W Questions
  • Decoding Strategies
  • Story Elements
  • Reading Comprehension Skills
  • I Can Visualize
  • I Can Predict
  • I Can Make Self-to-Text Connections
  • I Can Summarize
  • I Can Question
  • I Can Wonder
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