10 Fun Vocabulary Activities for the Elementary Classroom

September 2, 2022
Let’s face it…most elementary students find writing is hard…hard and solitary. So it’s no wonder we have an increasing number of reluctant writers in our education system.
It takes a lot of cognitive thinking, creative brainstorming and sentence structure planning. So what’s the solution? How can we as educators, inspire the reluctant writers in our classrooms?
One proven way is by providing them with effective scaffolds such as visual and concrete environmental print as we can.
Vocabulary Cards provide exactly that. They are a great way to help students feel like they can write, experience success in the writing process and subsequently, develop into confident writers! After all, that’s what teaching writing is all about
These vocabulary cards combined with supporting writing templates are ideal for first grade and second grade students. There are completely no prep and what’s more, the writing templates are differentiated to cater for differing writing abilities in every elementary classroom.
We know that one of the key elements in teaching writing, is to present our students with high interest topics that will automatically motivate them.
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Writing Templates
Included in this printable resource are the following color and b/w sets:
  • Front Cover Page (to create an optional booklet!)
  • Creepy Crawlies
  • Animals Fruits
  • Beach
  • Community Helpers
  • Solar System
  • Party
  • Cinderella
  • Food
  • Musical Instruments
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • School
  • 2D Shapes
Ideal for:
  • Writing centers
  • Small guided writing groups
  • Whole class (display on IWB)
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How to use this resource:
Option 1 – individual sheets
  • Print all contents of pack
  • Laminate Vocabulary Cards
  • Place Vocabulary Cards and printed writing templates in writing center
  • Students select a card and matching writing template as a complete writing activity
Option 1 – Booklet (front cover page, vocabulary page, writing template)
  • Print all contents of pack
  • Print on double-sided paper
  • Fold into booklet
  • Empower students to feel like authors and illustrators!
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