August 17, 2023

How to teach 2nd grade multiplication

How to teach 2nd grade multiplication

Are you looking for fun math lessons when teaching 2nd grade multiplication? Rote learning times tables has

always been a go-to popular strategy, however there is not only one approach to effectively teach this

math concept. In fact, for students to build a solid understanding and knowledge of the multiplication concept,

the following strategies are important to incorporate into your math curriculum:


How to teach 2nd grade multiplication


Visual Aids: Visual aids such as arrays, grouping objects and referring to them as groups of or lots of and of course

the all important repeated addition.

Hands-On Activities: We know that children learn best when they construct their own understanding through the

use of concrete materials and manipulatives such as counters, blocks and MABs when trying to figure out what

4 X 5 equals.

Skip Counting: Skip counting is a great precursor to students learning multiplication facts starting with skip

counting in 2s, 5s, 10s. This helps consolidate the concept of repeated addition.

Word Problems: Expose your students to lots of  engaging word problems or story problems that they can relate

to or connect to. For example: “In our class, we have 6 kids sitting at each group. We have 4 groups in all. How

many kids are there in total?”


How to teach 2nd grade multiplication

Math Games: Play multiplication Kaboom or bingo games, memory matching games and interactive online math

activities to help make learning multiplication enjoyable.

Rote Learning Songs: Catchy songs help students to remember times tables through repetition and chanting.

Math Centers: Encourage students to work in pairs or small groups to solve problem solve collaboratively. Kids

sometimes learn best when working alongside their peers!

Application of Learning: Provide one-on-one support where need for your IEP or struggling learners to

ensure that they develop the foundational understanding of multiplication before progressing to the next grade


Daily Reviews: Review prior knowledge of multiplication facts so as to ensure that kids’ learning moves from

short term memory to long term memory.


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how to teach 2nd grade multiplication

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