Reading Response Interactive Notebook Templates

October 29, 2023

Reading Response Interactive Notebook Templates

Reading Response Interactive Notebook Templates

Interactive Notebook Templates are valuable resources when teaching reading comprehension strategies and skills. They are the perfect reading response sheets as they are highly engaging and effective.

Interactive notebook activities are easily differentiated to adapt to the varying student abilities. They can also be used in a variety of contexts – from guided reading lessons, small group targeted teaching to writer’s workshop or and homework.


There are 32 No Prep Literacy Lessons with Step-by-Step directions which makes this pack perfect for literacy lessons, writing centers and even writer’s workshop.


Reading Response Interactive Notebook Templates

What Tpt educators say about this resource:

Great reading resource! This worked well for my small group activities – Katie B.

I love using these graphic organizers with my small reading group during I/E – Lisa E.

Reading Response Interactive Notebook Templates

Suitable for:

  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
  • Fourth Grade


Reading Response Interactive Notebook Templates

Reading Response Interactive Notebook Templates

This 110 page resource consists of the following literacy lessons and activities:

1. Teachers Notes: All About The Resource

2. Lesson 1

3. Character Profile Graphic Organizer

4. Lesson 2

5. Word Families Sort

6. Lesson 3

7. Lesson 4

9. Before-During-After Reading Questions

9. Lesson 5

10. ABC Order

11. Lesson 6

12. Lesson 7

13. My Favorite Part… (UK & US versions available)

14. Lesson 8

15. Mumbo Jumbo Sentences (building proper sentences)

16. Lesson 9

17. Lesson 10

18. Retell the Story (sequencing B-M-E)

19. Lesson 11

20. Brainstorm

21. Lesson 12

22. Lesson 13

23. Write a letter to the author

24. Lesson 14

25. I Wonder…

26. Lesson 15

27. Design the World’s Healthiest Sandwich!

28. Lesson 16

29. Lesson 17

30. Procedural Writing (framework provided)

31. Lesson 18

32. Lesson 19

33. Story Map

34. Lesson 20

35. This Reminds Me Of…

36. Lesson 21

37. Lesson 22

38. Self-to-Text-Connection

39. Lesson 23

40. Brainstorm Sort (ie and igh words)

41. Lesson 24

42. Lesson 25

43. Story Sequencing

44. Lesson 26

45. Compare and Contrast (2 characters)

46. Lesson 27

47. Lesson 28

48. Write a New Blurb!

49. Lesson 29

50. Design a New Book Cover!

51. Lesson 30

52. Lesson 31

53. I Can Visualize (US and UK versions available)

54. Lesson 32

These 32 lessons and matching graphic organizers are reading response activities based on the following picture book stories we use as mentor texts:

  • Clark the Shark
  • Chester‘s Way
  • Snappsy the Alligator
  • Arnie the Doughnut
  • When a Dragon Moves In
  • Carla’s Sandwich
  • A Bad Casof Stripes
  • Enemy Pie
  • Harry the Dirty Dog
  • Hey, That’s My Monster
  • Me and My Cat? (sight words)


This resource also consists of the following literacy activities:

  • My Reading Response Booklet’ with front cover page and 6 reader response activities
  • 10 differentiated Recount Writing Templates with embedded editing checklists
  • 6 Information Report templates
  • 4 assorted Procedural Wing templates
  • 5 Reading Comprehension Strategy Posters for a visually appealing Reading Center or Bulletin Board


This resource is core aligned and covers the following reading comprehension skills:

  • Sequencing
  • Inferencing
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Self-questioning (wonderment)
  • Problem-solving
  • self-to-text connection (prior background knowledge/experience)
  • personal opinion (identifying favorite part)


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