Solar System Project Ideas for 3rd Grade

September 27, 2023

Solar System Project Ideas for 3rd Grade

Solar System Project Ideas for 3rd Grade

Teaching the solar system to kids is exciting, especially is it’s project-based learning!

Earth and space science truly is one of my favorite topics to teach because lots of students are naturally curious about outer space.

These are my 8 fun and easy steps to teaching this unit:

  1. Anchor Chart: You know me well…I begin every topic with an anchor chart! I think it’s a great way to introduce new topics and have students submit their ideas, thoughts, opinions to new topics. I’m always amazed what rich information a collaborative anchor chart reveals. To tap into students’ prior knowledge, I write the words ‘Our Solar System’ in the middle of the chart, ask students to close their eyes and tell me the first thing that pops into their heads. Then we build on it from there.
  2. Visual Posters: I ‘show and tell’ my planets and outer space posters one by one and then display them on ‘Our Solar System’ bulletin board, alongside nonfiction books on this topic.
  3. The Sun: It makes sense to begin with the Sun because it’s the center of our solar system. We talk about the fundamental importance of this massive star and how it provides energy, light and life.
  4. Introduce the Planets: Introduce the planets one by one. We tap into our prior knowledge about the planet and then watch a mini-clip about it. Any new information we learn, is added to our anchor chart!
  5. Planet Writing Activity: Students read an informational text on the particular planet (or reading passage) and then recall the fun facts on a graphic organizer.
  6. The Moon: After the planets, we learn about the moon’s characteristics, features and how it reflects the light from the Sun.
  7. Hands-On Craftivity: Like Lev Vygotsky always said, ‘Students learn through constructing!’ Therefore we always engage in hands on learning which the kids love! This Outer Space craftivity is always popular and what’s more, looks great on the classroom bulletin board.
  8. Observation: I always encourage my students (and their families) to go outside with a telescope or binoculars and observe the night sky. What stars can you see with the naked eye? Can you see any planets? What phase is the moon currently in? , take the kids outside to observe celestial objects in the night sky.

If you’re looking for a no prep Solar System Unit where you kids can work independently, then click here

Solar System Project Ideas for 3rd Grade


Solar System Project Ideas for 3rd Grade


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Solar System Project Ideas for 3rd Grade

Solar System Project Ideas for 3rd Grade


Are you looking for an Earth and Space Science Solar System Unit that consists of reading passages, posters, informational writing templates, planet coloring pages and more? Your students will love learning and recording interesting outer space fun facts about Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, the sun and moon the differentiated writing sheets provided. Display students’ finished work samples on an ‘Our Solar System’ bulletin board (lettering included!)



This no prep printable Solar System Unit consists of:

  • Teacher Notes
  • ‘My Solar System Booklet’ Cover Page (optional)
  • Venus Reading Passage
  • Venus Writing Template
  • Earth Reading Passage
  • Earth Writing Template
  • Mars Reading Passage
  • Mars Writing Template
  • Jupiter Reading Passage
  • Jupiter Writing Template
  • Saturn Reading Passage
  • Saturn Writing Template
  • Uranus Reading Passage
  • Uranus Writing Template
  • Neptune Reading Passage
  • Neptune Writing Template
  • Mercury Reading Passage
  • Mercury Writing Template
  • Moon Reading Passage
  • Moon Writing Template
  • Sun Reading Passage
  • Sun Writing Template
  • 2 versions of writing templates (for differentiation)
  • ‘Our Solar System’ Bulletin Board Lettering

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