Editable Classroom Checklist Templates

September 23, 2023

Editable Classroom Checklist Templates

Editable Classroom Checklist Templates

Classroom Checklists are the key to keeping a classroom (and teacher!) organized.

With so many students and tasks in any given classroom, checklists help teachers stay on top of tasks,

assignments, grading and routines.

Editable Classroom Checklist Templates


Editable Classroom Checklist Templates

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These are the 7 ways I use my assorted and editable checklists to help keep me and my classroom organized:

  1. Task Management: Checklists to help me prioritize everyday tasks, such as class roll, homework, behavior management, math centers, literacy centers. I know exactly which students have participated in which activity so that no one misses out on key learning skills.
  2. Time Management: Checklists are editable so they include whatever you want such as deadlines, due dates for student work and also teacher tasks. Teacher modeling the use of checklists also encourages students to manage their time effectively and complete tasks on schedule.
  3. Classroom Daily Routines: Checklists are handy for establishing and maintaining daily routines, especially when you have small group rotating math and literacy activities! I couldn’t imagine running these centers or activities without checklists. Other routine checklists include daily classroom procedures, like line leader, classroom library maintenance, table top and whiteboard cleaning, running school errands etc.
  4. Classroom Supplies List: I can’t keep up with which parents have provided supplies and which haven’t, so I need a special checklist for this. After several weeks, I can send a courtesy reminder email to the parents who haven’t – that way my classroom can always be stocked with the necessities (well, almost always!)
  5. Student Progress Monitoring Checklist: Sooooo important and impossible without a checklist that contains students’ names and rubric areas. These checklists track students’ progress and allows for easy identification of ‘at risk’ students who need additional support, curriculum modification or enrichment.
  6. Teacher Accountability: Yep, keeps me accountable that’s for sure! Checklists do create a sense of accountability and let’s be honest, a completed checklist is so satisfying because you have evidence-based data to use when collaborating at staff meetings.
  7. Communication: I often share my  data with parents, staff and other stakeholders. This helps keep everyone up-to-date informed about students achievement and where to next.


Editable Classroom Checklist Templates

Editable Classroom Checklist Templates

To effectively use checklists in the classroom, they can be created on paper or digitally using powerpoint or  software. If you’re time poor and looking for ready-to-go printable and digital pack of assorted checklists, click here!

Editable Classroom Checklist Templates

These assorted Editable Checklists and class lists are a huge time saver! This is a printable and digital resource so you have the option to either insert text, print a stack of classroom checklists or laminate and use a dry erase pen to record grades, scores and take notes. Keep track of student records, grade, scores, behavior and much more! Great for your substitute binder too.



This pack consists of the following:

  • Class List
  • Class Roll
  • Classroom Job Chart
  • Seating Chart
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Medical & Allergy List
  • Behavior Management
  • Social Emotional Checklist
  • Birthday List
  • Merit Award List
  • Field Trip List
  • Supply List
  • Guided Reading Groups
  • Literacy Center Activities
  • Math Center Activities
  • Writing Center Activities
  • Math Assessment
  • Reading Assessment
  • Homework Checklist
  • Reading Checklist
  • Grading Checklist
  • Assessment Checklist
  • Special Events
  • Sports Checklist
  • Editable Blank Checklist 1
  • Editable Blank Checklist 2


Seating Groups included (editable):

  • Tigers
  • Lions
  • Meerkats
  • Giraffes
  • Elephants
  • Zebras


Guided Reading Groups included (editable):

  • Starfish
  • Dolphin
  • Octopus
  • Seahorse
  • Jellyfish
  • Turtle


Literacy Center Activities (editable):

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Book Review
  • Phonics Activities
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Grammar Practice
  • Writing Prompts


Math Center Activities (editable):

  • Number Sense
  • Fast Fact Fluency
  • Place Value
  • Word Problems
  • Mental Math
  • Problem-Solving Skills


Writing Center Activities (editable):

  • Building Sentences
  • Story Elements
  • Creative Writing
  • Postcard Writing
  • Editing Skills


Classroom Jobs (editable):

  • Line Leaders
  • Handy Helpers
  • Class Library
  • iPads & Computer Technicians
  • Cleaning Whiteboard & Tabletops
  • School Errands

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