Back to School Activities All About Me

July 1, 2024

Back to School Activities All About Me

Back to School Activities All About Me

All About Me activities are not only popular with kids, but a fundamentally important activity for the first day of school, especially in the early elementary grades for the following reasons:
  • Icebreaker: helps students get to know one another in the aim of building classroom community and fostering new friendships.
  • Building Confidence: helping students feel valued, which in turn, builds self-esteem and confidence

If you’re looking for a ready-to-go Back to School Fun Packet for Kids that will keep your students engaged on the first day or first week of school? This no prep All About Me resource comes as a print and digital resource, and doubles as the perfect get-to-know-you bulletin board display!

Included in this packet are: teacher notes, step by step lesson plan, ice breaker activities, interactive cut and paste matching puzzle sets and writing prompts!

Back to School Activities All About Me

Back to School Activities All About Me

This resource is available in print and digital formats, so you have the option to project on your smartboard for whole class instruction or assign as a fun digital project to students if you wish!

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Back to School Activities All About Me

Suitable for:

  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
  • Fourth Grade (digital version)

Back to School Activities All About Me

Back to School Activities All About Me

This no prep packet consists of:

  • A step-by-step lesson plan
  • A suggested list of picture books (optional)
  • All About Me Puzzle (9 piece A4 size)
  • About Me Puzzle (2 pieces)
  • About My Family (2 pieces)
  • About My Friends (2 pieces)
  • About My Pets (2 pieces)
  • About My Teacher (2 pieces)
  • My School (2 pieces)
  • How I Get To School (2 pieces)
  • My Favorite Movie (2 pieces)
  • My Favorite Book (2 pieces)
  • My Favorite Icecream (2 pieces)
  • My Hobby (2 pieces)
  • Writing Prompt 1
  • Writing Prompt 2
  • Writing Prompt 3

How to use this resource step-by-step:

All About Me Lesson Plan (30-45 min):

Learning Objective:

  • Students create an “All About Me” puzzle, then they work with their desk-partner on an icebreaker activity (self-awareness/fine motor skills/collaboration)

Materials Required:

  • Puzzle piece templates for each student
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Construction paper
  • Colors, crayons, textas etc

Introduction (5 min):

  • Briefly discuss the importance of self-awareness or read a picture book based on this theme
  • Explain that each student will create a puzzle that represents them.

Teacher Modeling of Task (5 min):

  • Model step-by-step an example of an “All About Me” puzzle

Students Create the Puzzle (30 min):

Invite Students to Share (10 min):

  • Invite students to share their completed puzzles with a partner, small group or whole class oral presentation
  • Celebrate their hard work by displaying the colorful puzzles around the classroom for Open House!

Formative Assessment:

  • How students participate and complete assigned puzzle task
  • Students’ abilities to follow instructions
  • Students’ writing, drawing and fine motor skill abilities

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