Design a Haunted House Project Based Learning

June 24, 2024

Design a Haunted House Project Based Learning

Design a Haunted House Project Based Learning

This Design a Haunted House Project will keep your students engaged in October! This project based learning is a no prep packet that is available in both print and digital resources.

These Halloween activities consists of a fun facts reading passage for kids to read and highlight main ideas, brainstorm bubble map, design signs, planning graphic organizers, menu, coloring sheets, STEM activities building a 3D model, writing prompts and much more.

This pbl resource is available as a print and digital resource, so that you can project on your smartboard for whole class instruction, then print contents either individually or in booklet form (which the kids love!)

Design a Haunted House Project Based Learning    Design a Haunted House Project Based Learning    Design a Haunted House Project Based Learning

Design a Haunted House Project Based Learning

What’s included:

  • ‘My Halloween House Project’ (cover page)
  • Fun Facts Reading Passage (students read and highlight key information)
  • Recall 4 Fun Facts You Learned!
  • I Can Visualize My Halloween House
  • Design 4 Halloween House Signs
  • Brainstorm Ideas (Bubble Map)
  • Plan a Halloween Dinner Menu for Your Guests
  • Spooky Symmetry Halloween House (draw the other half)
  • Draw a Bird’s Eye View Floor Plan of your Halloween House
  • Get Creative! Create a Halloween Poster
  • Design a Front Cover to a Halloween Book
  • Write a Spooky Ghost Story… (writing prompt)
  • Extra-lined writing template (for differentiation)
  • Venn Diagram: Compare/Contrast Halloween House and Halloween Party
  • 2 Things I Wonder…
  • Postcard Writing: Tell a friend all about your Halloween House Project
  • How will you welcome your house guests?
  • Furniture You Will Need & Costings
  • Materials You Will Need
  • Ingredients Shopping & Pricing
  • How Many Workers Will You Need?
  • Build a 3D Model (using cardboard, blocks or recycled materials)
  • Coloring Page


How to use this resource:

  • Print graphic organizers individually or into booklet form for students to work through at their own pace
  • Assign as a digital project
  • Partner Project
  • Homework
  • Homeschool or Summer School Project

Project-based learning is particularly effective for 2nd to 4th grade elementary students for the following reasons:

  • Active Learning: PBL engages students through hands-on activities that are fun, interactive and purposeful
  • Real World Connection: Projects are based on real-world scenarios, which makes learning relevant and motivating for students.
  • Collaboration: PBL often involves partner or small group work, which in turn, fosters social and communication skills.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Projects require students to think critically and solve problems
  • Critical and Creative Thinking: Open-ended projects encourage creativity, imagination and innovation of ideas.
  • Integrated Learning: PBL integrates key subject areas STEM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) into one project, promoting a deeper understanding of concepts
  • Student-Centered: PBL allows students to learn at their own pace.
  • Differentiation: The one project is differentiated so all students feel included in the set task and then can work at their own individual ability.


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