Would You Rather Questions Slides

September 16, 2023

Would You Rather Questions Slides

Would You Rather Questions Slides

Oh my goodness! Why did it take me so long to discover “Would You Rather” activities? 

As teachers, one of the most challenging aspects of our profession is motivating students and engaging them in

authentic learning. Would You Rather Questions and Writing Prompts do exactly that!

I admit…I am late to the game, but I love how my students LOVE this and I especially love the rich

learning that happens in the process!

Would You Rather Questions Slides

This is a step-by-step on how I run Would Your Rather in my classroom and my kids can not get enough:

Explain the Objective: This is a super fun game where I give you two options and you get to choose your favorite and give a reason why. There’s no right or wrong answer because it’s all about preference…which one you would rather.

Foster Critical and Creative Thinking: Give kids about 10 minutes to create their own “Would You Rather” questions! This allows them to be creative and think of interesting and funny scenarios that they can share with a partner!

Set a Theme: At the moment, we are learning fun facts and creating Informative Reports in our English learning area. So when we do Would You Rather, the theme might be exotic animals. When the kids choose their option, they give a reason why, which includes a fun fact that they’ve previously learned! Other themes include: sport, food (yum!), geography landmarks, living things and topics that kids really love like superpowers of course!

Include a Focus Area: Adjectives are always a focus area in our writing, so I embed this objective in Would You Rather Games. So for example I’ll say, “When you give a reason why for your preference, include an adjective.” (eg. I would rather a chameleon because it has incredible camouflaging abilities).

Small Group Learning: Once the rules of “Would You Rather” have been established and your students have had the opportunity to practice at a whole class level, encourage them to play with a partner and them with a small group. Everyone in the group gets a turn at asking a question.

Would You Rather Questions Slides

Would You Rather Questions Slides

The goal obviously is to have fun and engage students in learning, however it is also a very effective conversation starter that helps students build topic-specific vocabulary. The social interaction and communication fosters oral language confidence and expression.

Create your own powerpoint slides of “Would You Rather” questions, so kids a visual focal point to keep them on track. Some examples are:

  1. Would you rather fly in a plane or sail on a ship?
  2. Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet T Rex?
  3. Would you rather eat vegetable flavored ice cream or fruit flavored ice cream?

If you’re time poor and looking for no prep Would Your Rather resources, then click here.

Would You Rather Questions Slides


So why Would You Rather activities are an important part of the opinion writing curriculum?

Let’s face it, opinion writing is difficult and not an easy concept for students to grasp without a pre-foundational understanding. Having different opinions on topics is a normal thing, therefore it is very important that students are taught correctly how to express their opinions not only verbally but in the written form. This sequenced resource will help students understand the foundations of opinion writing and as result, develop the skills to effectively express their own opinion with clarity and conviction.

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