I Can Statements for 2nd Grade Common Core Standards

March 17, 2024

I Can Statements for 2nd Grade Common Core Standards

As a second grade educator, for years I would be looking for the next new strategy to empower my students. Often it would change each year because my school didn’t have a whole school approach at the time. In reality, the most effective smart goals are literally right in front of us…common core standards!

It makes sense that our students become familiar with the language of these standards and what makes more sense, it that we use for example, 2nd grade common core standards as our learning intentions and success criteria when teaching.

Are you looking for a visual and empowering I Can Statements 2nd grade common core in math and literacy ela? Project on smartboard before beginning a literacy or math lessons to highlight the learning intentions and success criteria or or print to create an I Can Statements ela or growth mindset bulletin board. Each student receives their own popsicle stick which is great to use as a goal tracker!

There are 4 components to this printable resource:

I Can Statements for 2nd Grade Common Core Standards

1. The following 30 printable ‘I Can Statements’-

ELA Literacy –

  • I can use capital letters
  • I can use periods
  • I can use finger spaces
  • I can write a proper sentence
  • I can write on the lines neatly
  • I can use adjectives
  • I can recount a story
  • I can identify the beginning-middle-end
  • I can ask and answer who, what, when, where, why questions
  • I can describe the main character
  • I can describe a character’s traits
  • I can describe the story setting
  • I can identify the problem in a story
  • I can sequence the events in order
  • I can identify the theme in the story
  • I can identify the author’s purpose
  • I can recall facts from a nonfiction text
  • I can summarize a passage
  • 10 blank templates

Math –

  • I can use a number line
  • I can use a ten frame
  • I can use addition strategies
  • I can use subtraction strategies
  • I can solve a word problem
  • I can justify my answers
  • I can multiply
  • I can divide
  • I can use math vocabulary
  • I can check my answers
  • I can add with regrouping
  • I can subtract with regrouping


2. Includes the following Student Goal Trackers:

  • Math Goal Tracker (students color ‘I Can..’ statement when achieved)
  • Literacy Goal Tracker (students color ‘I Can..’ statement when achieved)

3. Includes the following Writing Prompts with lines and picture boxes:

  • Goal Setting is Important Because…
  • My Goal is…

4. Includes the following printable student certificate:

  • Hooray, I Achieved My Goal!

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