How to Teach Narrative Writing 2nd Grade

March 23, 2024

How to Teach Narrative Writing 2nd Grade

How to Teach Narrative Writing 2nd Grade

Are you looking for a how to writing resource for teaching narrative writing to second grade or third grade? These Narrative Writing Prompts come as both print and digital resources, and are a fun way to teach creative personal narrative writing skills! This no prep packet also consists of story elements posters and each writing prompt template has an embedded editing checklist and picture box.

How to Teach Narrative Writing 2nd Grade


Ideal for:

  • Second Grade Writing Lessons
  • Third Grade Writing Centers
  • Fourth Grade Digital Writing Activities

How to Teach Narrative Writing 2nd Grade

How to Teach Narrative Writing 2nd Grade

This 100 page resource is available in both print and digital formats. Each of the following writing prompts has an extra-lined writing template for differentation.

How to Teach Narrative Writing 2nd Grade

What’s included:

  • Explicit step-by-step lesson
  • Imagine you have a pet that develops superpowers…
  • A spaceship lands in the school playground! What happens next?
  • School has turned into Candyland! Write about your adventures!
  • You visit the zoo and all the animals are talking to you! Write about the conversatons.
  • The teacher hands you a note. It reads, ‘You are principal for the day!’ Write what you will do.
  • A cat leaps on the neighbor’s roof and shouts out, “It’s party time!” Write what happens next.
  • You open a door and walk into a time travel machine. Write about your time travel adventures.
  • You wake up in an enchanted forest. Who do you meet, what do you do? Write about it.
  • There is a magical shimmery gem on the sidewalk. You pick it up and suddenly…
  • In my basement, there is a time machine! I press the red button and…
  • Jasper digs a BIG hole in the backyard all the way to…
  • A wooden box creak open. Inside is a magic potion that…
  • A genie bottle falls out of a cupboard. You rub it 3 times and it…
  • Jess and her friend enter a maze. Then turn right, then left when suddenly…
  • You’re swimming at the beach and find a golden treasure chest…
  • You’re sitting on your bedroom carpet when suddenly it flies off to…
  • You’re on a boat that gets shipwrecked. A pirate ship is coming your way! Write what happens next…
  • At school during STEM, you build a robot. All of a sudden…
  • Your friend has a magical treehouse. You climb it when suddenly…
  • Oh, oh…a alien spaceship crashes your party. What happens next?
  • The dogs at the dog beach are playing volleyball. Write about the hilarious scene!
  • The teacher introduces the new class pet and it’s a…HIPPO!
  • You walk into the bathroom and before your eyes, is a singing chimp. What happens next?
  • The substitute teacher arrives and it is a one-eyed purple alien. Write about the day’s adventure.
  • Congratulations! You have won first prize…a trip to the moon! Write about the adventures.
  • A strong gust of wind lifts you up and suddenly you’re flying around the world! Write about the places you visit and the people you meet.
  • It’s your birthday! There’s a gift at the door. You open it and inside is….
  • Santa writes you a letter and he wants YOU to be his number one elf! Write about the experience.
  • You’re soaking in a bubble bath, when suddenly the bath sails away to…
  • You teleport to a giant insect world. Write about how you survive and escape.
  • You’re superhero for one day! Write about all your achievements.
  • Your neighbor is watering the garden. Suddenly a cloud sucks him up! Write about how you and the other neighbors save him….
  • Instead of hens in a hen pen, you find green ogres laying eggs! Suddenly…
  • Your clothes magically transform into a silver spacesuit! What happens next?
  • You have a new pet…it’s a talking dragon! Write about your adventures…
  • You hop onto a shooting star! Write about your space travels.
  • At night-time, the books in the library come to life! Write what happens.
  • You go on an underwater adventure. What do you see, who do you meet?
  • What is your dream vacation? Where would you go, what would you do? Write about it.
  • It was an ordinary day when I met an extraordinary giant! Write about it!
  • You have just been granted 3 wishes. Write about them…
  • There’s a knock-knock down in the basement. Who is it and what is it? Write about it.
  • You’re swimming in the sea when a blue whale flips you on its back and takes you…
  • You go to visit grandma but instead of grandma you find…
  • The doorbell rings, you open the door and find a mysterious looking…
  • A parcel arrives with your name on it. You open it slowly and out pops…
  • A giant octopus with green spots is soaking in your bubble bath! All of a sudden…
  • It is a normal school day. You get to school but NOBODY is there! Write about what happens next…
  • Blank writing template


Also includes the following story elements posters:

  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Plot
  • Problem

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