Kindergarten Literacy Center Activities

January 17, 2023

Kindergarten Literacy Center Activities


Kindergarten Literacy Center Activities



Are you looking for engaging kindergarten and first grade writing activities that include literacy games, letters and sounds printables, building sentences, dice games for cvc words, tracing, sight word sentences and much more?

This Kindergarten & 1st Grade Literacy Centers – Building Sentences Worksheets BUNDLE is a how to writing resource that will inspire young writers!



Suitable for:

  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade


Kindergarten Literacy Center Activities


This 198 page BUNDLE consists of the following literacy centers:


Kindergarten Literacy Center Activities                              Kindergarten Literacy Center Activities                              Kindergarten Literacy Center Activities


Literacy Center 1: No Prep Alphabet Booklets (each alphabet letter is photocopied double-sided on A4 paper), Students are required to:


  • Read Letter-Sound
  • Trace letters
  • Identify the word
  • Decode a simple sentence
  • Copy/write simple sentence
  • Practice fluency
  • Cut and paste
  • Color illustrations!




Literacy Center 2: Super fun and core-aligned Dice Games where students play in pairs or small groups to decode and read CVC words and sight words:


How to play:

  • Two or more players
  • Each player has different colored counter to move
  • Player One rolls their die
  • They count aloud as they move their counter
  • They read the word they have landed on
  • Then its the next player’s turn
  • Game is over when all words are covered
  • Repeat
  • Extension: Players put their words into a fun sentence!


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Literacy Center 3: Sight Word Sentence Worksheets where students practice reading, trace letters and words, highlight word search, write a simple sentence and draw a picture! The following words are covered:


  • like
  • was
  • see
  • big
  • are
  • look
  • can
  • we
  • my
  • run
  • little
  • red
  • two
  • blue
  • make
  • the
  • green
  • went
  • here
  • and
  • funny
  • find
  • with
  • where
  • help
  • not



Literacy Center 4: 20 interactive digital activities that include these words:


cat, bat, dog, hen, pig, cow, duck, goat, boy, ball, girl, book, hat, sun, can, car, bed, mug, fish, cloud, feet, food, star, tree, owl, chair, kite, bike, sock, star, house, mouse, storm, fairy, bird, horse



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