Making Inferences Activities

October 28, 2022

Making Inferences Activities

So how do we teach making inferences to kids?

It’s important to explain that when we infer, we come to a decision or conclusion based on evidence, such as text evidence.

Inferring also involves ‘reading between the lines’ and in terms of a text, concluding the author’s purpose.

Making inferences is a higher order skill and one that needs to practiced over again.


      Making Inferences Activities


Making Inferences Activities


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So what exactly is making inferences?

The dictionary define inferring as ‘the practice of using reasoning or evidence to derive or conclude something.’

Basically, it means reading between the lines. As readers, it requires gathering as much evidence in terms of

what you read, see in images and then read between the lines to come to a conclusion.

Highly visual inferring graphic organizers are an effective way to help students make inferences.


Making Inferences Worksheets

                                                                          With Picture Prompts

Where possible, real life photography makes inferring not only fun but realistic too. The following resource consists of 50 graphic organizers which are ideal for picture of the day, literacy centers, morning work or homework. What’s more, students’ completed work samples look amazing on classroom  bulletin boards!


Making Inferences Activities



Picture prompts for writing motivate students, particularly if they are visual learners. These writing graphic organizers with embedded photos require students to:

1. Study the photo

2. Write down their observations

3. Describe the photo using adjectives

4. Infer/conclude what they think is happening and give evidence why


Making Inferences Activities

                                                                              Make Observations

Inferring Graphic Organizers

Ideal for literacy centers, this no prep printable resource includes:

  • 50 Inferring Pictures Graphic Organizers
  • 1 blank graphic organizer for students to draw their own picture and swap with a partner to infer!



Inferring Graphic Organizers

Making Inferences Activities


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