Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt Templates

November 9, 2023

Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt

Are you teaching nonfiction text features to 2nd grade, 3rd grade or 4th grade? This no prep Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt Packet is fun, engaging and hands-on! It includes anchor chart examples, scavenger hunt templates, nonfiction task cards and nonfiction graphic organizer set. Students select a nonfiction book, informational text or reading passage to complete the activities.

Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt


What’s included:

  • Teacher Notes
  • Step by Step Directions for students
  • Scavenger Hunt Activity 1
  • Scavenger Hunt Activity 2
  • Scavenger Hunt Activity 3
  • 20 Scavenger Hunt Cards (place around the room for students to find)
  • Nonfiction Anchor Charts (available color and b/w)
  • Good Writers Anchor Charts (available in color and b/w)
  • What is a contents page?
  • Glossary Activity – words, meanings, pictures
  • Venn Diagram (compare/contrast nonfiction and fiction)
  • Fun Facts
  • KWL Chart
  • Design a new front cover for your nonfiction book/text
  • Summarize the topic
  • A Most Interesting Fact!

Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt

This resource covers:

  • Contents
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Blurb
  • Caption
  • Heading
  • Sub Heading
  • Title
  • Illustration
  • Photograph
  • Picture
  • Bold Text
  • Italics
  • Map
  • Key
  • Timeline
  • Graph
  • Label
  • Arrow
  • Diagram

Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt

Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt

How to use this resource:

Option 1: Hide cards around the room and have students walk around with their pencils and scavenger hunt templates (leaning on clipboards) searching for the cards. Once a card is found, they match it to their template, highlight it and write the meaning


Option 2: Set up a nonfiction text feature center. Have students place all cards face down. Students take turns in selecting a card, reading it aloud, then everyone finds it on their template and writes the meaning!

Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt

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