Sentence Building Worksheets for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

December 10, 2023

Sentence Building Worksheets for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

Sentence Building Worksheets for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

This Bundle of Decodable Sentences covers CVC short vowel sounds perfect for segmenting words and CVCC wordsblends worksheets which are key in building reading fluency skills! A cut and paste build sentences bundle that is Science of Reading aligned and so versatile, it can be used for phonics intervention, scrambled sentences, morning work, literacy centers, sentence writing centers, early finishers, assessment and homework!

Sentence Building Worksheets for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

Suitable for:

  • Kindergarten Extension
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade Review
  • Third Grade Intervention

Sentence Building Worksheets for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

This No Prep Bundle includes step-by-step teacher notes and consists of the following two products:

1. CVC Sentence Building Worksheets:

  • The fox can run.
  • Ted has a hen.
  • The pig is sad.
  • I see my dog.
  • Bug on a rug.
  • Rats on a hat.
  • Vet has a net.
  • The mop is red.
  • Cat on the mat.
  • Sit in the cot.
  • Ned is in bed.
  • It is a peg.
  • The dog is mad.
  • Hat on the bed.
  • The mop is wet.
  • His van is red.
  • Her cat is big.
  • Hens in a pen.
  • The sun is hot.
  • An ant on me.
  • This is a dot.
  • Pam sat on top.
  • Fox on a box.
  • Bob dug a pit.
  • The pot is big.
  • The pen is red.
  • Pup on a log.
  • Tim has a pet
  • The pan is red.

Sentence Building Worksheets for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

2. CVCC Sentence Building Worksheets:

  • Duck in the pond.
  • Slug on a rock.
  • My sock is pink.
  • Frog on a log.
  • Put up the tent.
  • The duck can flap.
  • I rang the bell.
  • The dog can jump.
  • Hand in the sand.
  • The bird can flap.
  • Drink up the milk.
  • He can swim well.
  • The wind can blow.
  • The lamp is lit.
  • The dog can hunt.
  • I have a plan.
  • I can bang drums.
  • A vest and belt.
  • Ted is so soft.
  • It can spin fast.
  • Sing a long song.
  • Let’s play ping pong.
  • Pup is a runt.
  • Can you play golf?
  • The crab is big.
  • The land has sunk.
  • This is my gift.
  • Is the sock silk?
  • It has a hump.
  • Milk is so good.


Each worksheet requires students to:

  • Read a decodable sentence
  • Trace sentence
  • Write the sentence
  • Cut, sequence and paste the word cards in order to create a simple sentence
  • Draw and color the sentence!


So why this resource?

Learning decodable word sentences strengthens phonetic skills, that help students to develop independent reading fluency. Additionally, the high frequency words included are essential to develop automaticity, as they represent the highest number of words in a text!


How to use this resource? The following are 5 engaging ways to use these cut and paste worksheets in your classroom:

  1. Interactive Phonics Centers: Set up a hands-on decodable cut and paste sentence worksheet station where students can work individually or in pairs to cut out words, arrange them to form proper sentences, paste them and then read to each other!
  2. Small Group Instruction: Use these worksheets during small group instruction to target specific phonics patterns or sight words. Provide each small group with a set of sentences related to their current learning objectives.
  3. Literacy Centers: Incorporate the worksheets into your literacy centers. Create a designated area where students can find the cut and paste materials along with scissors, glue, highlighters, pencils.
  4. Sentence Building Challenges: Turn the activity into a fun and engaging challenge. Provide students with a set of mixed-up words and challenge them to work collaboratively to create as many proper sentences as they can!
  5. Homework or Independent Practice: Send the worksheets home as homework for students to review sentence structure with parents for concept consolidation.


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Sentence Building Worksheets for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3




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