Solar and Lunar Eclipse Reading Comprehension

April 1, 2024

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Reading Comprehension

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Reading Comprehension

Who says that science worksheets are boring?! Engaging worksheets and visually appealing graphic organizers are a great way to reinforce science concepts and encourage critical and creative thinking skills in our elementary students.

There is a solar eclipse happening soon and  so presents a great opportunity to teach about the earth, sun and moon! This printable and digital resource consists of a reading passage with comprehension questions, fun facts, no prep worksheets, solar eclipse activities, graphic organizer and writing prompts for science review or assessment! Perfect for science lessons, centers, science interactive notebook and writing centers! Includes topic-specific vocabulary cards for science anchor charts, word wall or bulletin board.

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Also suitable for:

  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
  • Fourth & Fifth Grades (extra-lined templates provided)
  • Assigning as a digital project to older students (via Easel)

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Reading Comprehension

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Reading Comprehension

This is a no prep resource that is available in both digital (Easel) and printable formats! It consists of the following:

  • ‘My Solar Eclipse Activity Booklet’ (optional front cover page)
  • Reading Passage (students read and highlight key information or project on smartboard for whole class reading session)
  • Comprehension Questions (ideal for assessment too!)
  • Teacher Answers Included
  • Solar Eclipse Bubble Map
  • 3 Different Types of Solar Eclipses
  • Solar Eclipse Fun Facts
  • Compare & Contrast Venn Diagram (solar eclipse v lunar eclipse)
  • Label & Color Solar Eclipse Activity (moon, earth, sun pathway)
  • What I Know About Solar Eclipses…
  • Extra-lined writing template for differentiation
  • Vocabulary Word Wall: earth, sun, moon, solar eclipse, total, partial, annular, pathways)

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Reading Comprehension

Suggestions on how to use this resource in your classroom:

  1. Start by introducing the concept of a solar eclipse to students by explaining what they are and how often they occur. Use visual aids or a video to make real life connections to engage students.
  2. Either distribute solar eclipse worksheets on a one-by-one basis or print all worksheets in booklet form (kids love this option).
  3. There is also a digital option available via Easel which is great for older students as an assigned digital science project!
  4. Read the instructions together as a class and ask students to highlight the key parts so they know exactly what to do.
  5. Review the vocabulary cards as a class before students start working on the worksheets ensuring that they understand key unit vocabulary
  6. Display vocabulary cards on your science word wall so students have a reference point to refer to or display on your smartboard.
  7. Depending on students’ varying abilities, guide them through by modeling a work sample of a solar eclipse worksheet. Use lots of teacher ‘think alouds’ to foster scientific critical thinking skills.
  8. Next, allow students to work on their worksheets independently or in pairs.
  9. Encourage them to think critically and apply their knowledge to graphic organizers.
  10. Extension activities: Have students create a solar eclipse diorama/model
  11. Assessment: Use the included writing prompts and selected worksheets as a form of assessment.
  12. Provide feedback and review key concepts.

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Reading Comprehension

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