How to do Literacy Rotations

April 4, 2024

How to do Literacy Rotations

How to do Literacy Rotations

The thought of literacy rotations used to put me into a head spin, but literally it is the easiest and most effective way in ensuring that kids are engaged in ELA learning!

I usually run 3 rotations that provide students with variety to keep them motivated in the learning process. I also try and integrate digital technology into one of the rotations and I always have a themed station.

Here are some ideas that can be easily incorporated into your ELA program:

  1. Theme-Based Rotations: Base literacy rotations around a theme that appeals to children’s interests. One of my current rotations is ‘Community Helpers’ so this station has some no prep worksheets, nonfiction text books for students to further explore the subject before the next rotations.
  2. Multisensory Activities: Incorporate multisensory activities into literacy rotations adds variety to the literacy rotations and caters for diverse learning abilities and needs. So a simple cut and paste such as creating Short Vowel Phonics Booklets will always be a favorite!
  3. Provide a Variety of Learning Experiences: Providing students with a mix of ELA activities for your literacy rotations is simply the key for keeping students engaged in their learning. I only do literacy rotations once a week and each time students have finished, they’re begging for more!

If you’re looking for a variety of ELA literacy rotation ideas, see the bundle below!

How to do Literacy Rotations

This bundle consists of the following 3 Literacy Rotations:

1. Decodable Reading Passages:

How to do Literacy Rotations

36 pages of word work activities that cover a, e, i, o, u short vowel sounds. Simply print the pages on 2-sided A4 paper to create the following booklets:

  • My Short Vowel ‘a’ Booklet
  • My Short Vowel ‘e’ Booklet
  • My Short Vowel ‘i’ Booklet
  • My Short Vowel ‘o’ Booklet
  • My Short Vowel ‘u’ Booklet

Each Short Vowel Booklet, consists of the following 5 activities:

  • I Can Read
  • I Can Read and Write
  • Read and Trace
  • I Spy!
  • Draw, Color, Label


2. CVC Word Family Worksheets Activities: 

How to do Literacy Rotations

This 71 pg packet includes lessons, anchor chart and the following:

  1. ‘am’ Worksheet
  2. ‘am’ Brainstorm
  3. ‘am’ Word Family
  4. ‘an’ Worksheet
  5. ‘an’ Brainstorm
  6. ‘an’ Word Family
  7. ‘at’ Worksheet
  8. ‘at’ Brainstorm
  9. ‘at’ Word Family
  10. ‘ed’ Worksheet
  11. ‘ed’ Brainstorm
  12. ‘ed’ Word Family
  13. ‘en’ Worksheet
  14. ‘en’ Brainstorm
  15. ‘en’ Word Family
  16. ‘et’ Worksheet
  17. ‘et’ Brainstorm
  18. ‘et’ Word Family
  19. ‘ig’ Worksheet
  20. ‘ig’ Brainstorm
  21. ‘ig’ Word Family
  22. ‘in’ Worksheet
  23. ‘in’ Brainstorm
  24. ‘in’ Word Family
  25. ‘ip’ Worksheet
  26. ‘ip’ Brainstorm
  27. ‘ip’ Word Family
  28. ‘og’ Worksheet
  29. ‘og’ Brainstorm
  30. ‘og’ Word Family
  31. ‘op’ Worksheet
  32. ‘op’ Brainstorm
  33. ‘op’ Word Family
  34. ‘ot’ Worksheet
  35. ‘ot’ Brainstorm
  36. ‘ot’ Word Family
  37. ‘ug’ Worksheet
  38. ‘ug’ Brainstorm
  39. ‘ug’ Word Family
  40. ‘un’ Worksheet
  41. ‘un’ Brainstorm
  42. ‘un’ Word Family
  43. ‘ut’ Worksheet
  44. ‘ut’ Brainstorm
  45. ‘ut’ Word Family
  46. Spelling and Dictation Template
  47. Teacher Copy 1 (am, an, at Spelling & Dictation)
  48. Teacher Copy 2 (ed, en, et Spelling & Dictation)
  49. Teacher Copy 3 (ig, in, ip Spelling & Dictation)
  50. Teacher Copy 4 (og, op, ot Spelling & Dictation
  51. Teacher Copy 5 (ug, un, ut Spelling & Dictation)
  52. 15 Anchor Chart ‘Word Family Labels.*

Common Core Standards and Skills covered:

  • Phoneme segmentation and blending
  • Short vowels
  • CVC word families
  • Rhyming words
  • Reading fluency
  • Elements of poetry (rhyme)


3. Community Helper Literacy/Social Studies Packet:

How to do Literacy Rotations

This 105 pg resource is available in both print and digital formats. It consists of the following:

  • 2 ‘My Community Helper’ front book covers (color and b/w)
  • 15 Community Helper Reading Passages (perfect for guided reading)
  • 15 Literacy Center Activity 1 (to activate prior knowledge)
  • 15 Literacy Center Activity 2 (students recall learned facts)
  • 15 ‘Who Am I?’ activities (predicting skills using available clues)
  • Write a Letter to Your Favorite Community Helper (US version)
  • Write a Letter to Your Favourite Community Helper (UK version)
  • When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A…
  • An extra lined paper (differentiation)
  • Draw Your Community With Different Helpers (mapping and literacy)
  • 8 Venn Diagrams with visuals (students compare/contrast)
  • 1 Blank Venn Diagram
  • 28 puzzle pieces (interactive hands-on learning learning)
  • 15 topic-specific vocabulary cards with visuals (for word wall, bulletin board or literacy groups)



15 Community Helpers covered are:

  • baker
  • cleaner
  • coach
  • cross guard
  • dentist
  • doctor
  • farmer
  • fire-fighter
  • gardener
  • librarian
  • mail office
  • nurse
  • police office
  • teacher
  • vet


Also includes:

  • 10 week Daily Oral Language Program that provides explicit instructions to complete the activities independently


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