2nd Grade Informational Writing Prompts

December 15, 2023

2nd Grade Informational Writing Prompts

2nd Grade Informational Writing Prompts

Informational writing for kids is an important genre.  It conveys informational facts in a clear and concise format, often using sub titles, dot points and graphics to help make reading easier.

When teaching informational writing, the aim is to present fun facts, with supporting details, in an engaging manner that appeals to young readers. The great thing about informational writing is that it makes project based learning much more enticing – for example country research projects.

The ultimate goal is not to entertain or persuade, but to inform and educate.

2nd Grade Informational Writing Prompts

2nd Grade Informational Writing Prompts

As with all new forms of writing, introduce the new genre with an anchor chart! Informational writing anchor charts are an easy and effective way for all students to brainstorm their ideas and thinking.

Next provide good informational writing examples. The best way to do this, is through the use of mentor texts.

Mentor texts are the perfect informational writing samples to use during your writing lessons. This is another great way for students to see what a good piece of writing looks like. This helps them visualize what the expected finished product should resemble.

Provide students with lots of opportunities to read informational writing prompts with reading passages. This can be integrated in guided reading sessions or targeted writing groups.

Informational writing prompts are a must-have when teaching this writing unit (or any unit for that matter!)

Writing prompts free students’ cognitive load, so that they focus on text structures. Hence, provide lots of varied writing prompts based on  diverse informational writing topics.

2nd Grade Informational Writing Prompts


2nd Grade Informational Writing Prompts

This Country Research Project Bundle with geography graphic organizers and social studies worksheets for informational writing and report writing! These writing worksheets make learning about world geography fun! Students feel like they’re going around the world as they learn fun facts about any country, culture, people, food, famous landmarks, native animals, climate and much more. Pair with informational texts or Google search info! Includes posters classroom.

2nd Grade Informational Writing Prompts

What educators are saying:

I used this with my second grade class for social studies. I liked the different topic ideas and that it had plenty of room for their writing. Simple and straight to the point font and graphics. Thank you! – Gabriella

A beautiful resource. Easy to print and use. Helpful and informational – Taylor

The font and spacing were great for my first graders! I liked the variety of sheets so we could pick and choose based on what students chose to focus on in each country of study TpT Seller

Perfect for Social Studies Country Reports. A great resource and so many options! – Tracy

This was a great resource for students to use as we prepared for our International Day school event – ABC Learning Safari

I liked the variety of sheets, so we could pick and choose based on what students chose to focus on in each country of study!

This resource is available in both printable and digital (Easel) formats. It consists of the following:

  • ‘My Research Project’ front cover page
  • What is This Country famous for? (Bubble Map)
  • Describe Climate and Weather
  • 4 Fun Facts
  • Culture Research
  • Venn Diagram (Compare/Contrast countries)
  • Draw and Label A Map
  • Everything I Learned About _________ (select country)
  • Extra lined writing paper for differentiation
  • Design A Front Cover to A Book
  • I Would Like To Visit This Country Because… (writing activity)
  • Extra lined writing paper for differentiation
  • Native Animals
  • Extra lined writing paper for differentiation
  • Snap Shots!
  • Flag Craftivity

2nd Grade Informational Writing Prompts

Includes 8 different country posters to display on bulletin board alongside students’ research projects. The following posters are provided (print in color or b/w):


  1. Cervantes, Australia
  2. Mount Robson, Canada
  3. Empire State Building, USA
  4. Eiffel Tower, France
  5. Colosseum, Italy
  6. Cherry Blossoms, Japan
  7. Great Wall of China
  8. Pyramids, Egypt



Digital Option

This resource is also available as a digital Easel Activity which means you can customize activities, assign to students, review their submissions and provide feedback instantly!


How to use this resource:

Print as a Country Research Booklet: Your students will feel like authors and illustrators! There is a personalized front cover page included in this pack, so that once all activities are completed, students can bound their work together create their very own book!


Lapbook or Interactive Notebook: Cut, arrange and paste to create a country project and then invite students to deliver oral presentations!



Skills covered in this resource:

  • Summarizing
  • Sequencing
  • Inferencing
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Express Personal Opinion


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