Sight Word Fluency Sentences

September 13, 2023

Sight Word Fluency Sentences

Sight Word Fluency Sentences

What exactly is sight word intervention and when is it needed?

Sight word reading intervention is an instructional approach used in early literacy to help struggling readers recognize sight words and high frequency words. Sight words cannot be phonetically decoded, therefore students require lots of varied exposure to be able to read these words fluently.

Sight word reading intervention activities help emergent readers build a strong foundation in fluency and comprehension.

Sight Word Fluency Sentences


Sight Word Fluency Sentences

Sight Word Fluency Sentences

The following are engaging sight word intervention activities and games:

  1. Flashcards: Create flashcards with sight words on one side and a simple sentence using the word on the other side.
  2. Word Walls: Create a word wall in your classroom with sight words prominently displayed. Encourage students to refer to the wall when reading or writing.
  3. Sight Word Kaboom Cards: Kids play in pairs or small groups. They pick up a card and read it. If correct, they get to keep their card. If they pick a KABOOM card, all their cards get placed back under the pile. For differentiation, kids pick up a card, read the word and put it in a simple or compound sentence.
  4. Write the Room Word Hunt: Students go on a word hunt looking for as many sight words as they can find to record on their mini whiteboards or student response sheet.
  5. Sight Word Puzzles: Create word puzzles using sight words for students to match.
  6. Sight Word Sentences: Write simple sentences using sight words, and have students read and rearrange the words to form new sentences.
  7. Sight Word Centers: Student participate in various sight word activities and games.

Reading intervention programs do not always need to conducted on a one-on-one basis all the time. Sight word intervention strategies can take place in literacy centers, with partners or small literacy groups. The aim is as much exposure, sight word practice and variety in activities to keep students engaged.

Create your own sight word resources or click here for ready to go activities!


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