Easter Writing Craftivity

April 7, 2023

Easter Writing Craftivity

Writing crafts can be a powerful tool for motivating young children in the writing process, especially reluctant writers.

Writing crafts help children express their imagination and creative flair.

By encouraging them to write recounts, narratives or poems, writing crafts provide an outlet for children to share their ideas and thoughts.

These Free Easter printable worksheets consist of engaging writing prompts and Easter crafts which will look amazing on your Easter bulletin board!

There are differentiated versions available so this no prep writing pack is suitable for kindergarten, first grade and second grade.


Easter Writing Craftivity

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Easter Writing Craftivity

Easter Writing Prompts and Craftivity


Free Easter Printables

Writing prompts are a great resource to help students become confident writers.

They provide students with a starting point for their writing. Writing prompts help eliminate the stress and anxiety of coming up with an idea.

This helps students to overcome writer’s block and focus on the creative aspect of writing.

Writing prompts provide students with the opportunity to practice their writing skills regularly, which in turn fosters confidence as writers.

Writing prompts inspire reluctant writers to practise writing and experiment with different writing styles, prompts can help students to develop

their skills and build their confidence in their abilities.

Some other ideas for Easter writing prompts are as follows:


  1. Describe your favorite Easter memory
  2. Imagine you are the Easter Bunny. Write a letter to a friend explaining how you get ready for Easter.
  3. Write a story about a family Easter Egg Hunt
  4. Imagine an Easter feast and list all the foods
  5. If you could visit any place in the world for Easter, where would you go and why?
  6. Write a story the true meaning of Easter.
  7. Imagine a mystery Easter basket arriving on your doorstep. What is inside?
  8. Imagine you are a chick hatching from an egg…write about your experience


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