How To Teach ESL Students to Write Sentences

February 7, 2023

How To Teach ESL Students to Write Sentences


How To Teach ESL Students to Write Sentences


Every classroom needs a bundle of ESL Newcomer Activities with Vocabulary for Beginners to cater for English Language Learners.

It is essential to provide English Language Learners with writing prompts that consist of pictures to support their learning in a highly visual and engaging manner.

This bundle includes writing prompts, sentence building, worksheets with vocabulary supports and interactive cut and paste activities, flash cards and much more!


Suitable for:

  • ESL Newcomers
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade


This bundle consists of the following products:


How To Teach ESL Students to Write Sentences                    How To Teach ESL Students to Write Sentences              How To Teach ESL Students to Write Sentences


Sentence Building Activity (cut and paste to create a simple sentence):

  • 10 ‘What Do You See’ writing templates with pictures and vocabulary to support young writers


  • 10 ‘I Can Read, Write & Draw’ worksheets


  • 16 Reading Passages & Word Work worksheets (focusing on simple sentence structure)


  • 30 Vocabulary Cards with pictures (for word wall or literacy centers)


How to teach esl students to write sentences

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The following desk-mats or quick reference sheets for notebooks are also included:

  • People
  • Feelings
  • Numbers
  • Colors (US version)
  • Colours (UK version)
  • 2D Shapes
  • Left Hand, Right Hand
  • Days Of The Week
  • Months of The Year
  • Weather
  • Animals
  • Insects
  • Fruit
  • Objects
  • Sentence/Conversation Starters
  • Sight Words
  • Bilingual Chart 1 (Spanish – English)
  • Bilingual Chart 2 (Spanish – English)
  • Bilingual Chart 3 (Spanish – English)
  • Bilingual Chart 4 (Spanish – English)


How To Teach ESL Students to Write Sentences

First Grade Writing Worsheets & Picture Prompts:

  • I like back-to-school because…
  • Halloween is fun because…
  • I like cupcakes because…
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is… (US spelling)
  • My favourite ice cream flavor is… (UK spelling)
  • Thanksgiving is special because…
  • My Favorite Pet is…(US spelling)
  • My Favourite Pet is…(US spelling)
  • I like fall because… (girl image)
  • I like fall because… (boy image)
  • I like winter because…
  • I like summer because…
  • I like spring beccause…
  • St Patrick’s Day Is…
  • At Easter Time, I like to…
  • I respect my friends because…
  • I love my family because…
  • I like Santa because…
  • I like Penguins because…
  • I can build a snowman by…
  • In winter, I like to wear…
  • In summer, I like to wear…
  • I love playing in the snow because…
  • I enjoy swimming because…
  • I eat popcorn when…
  • I like art because…
  • I enjoy music because…
  • I love rainbows because…


30 Writing Templates with Picture Prompts (Google Slides): Each writing template requires students to:

  • Use the picture prompts to ‘spark’ a writing idea
  • Write a story with sequenced ideas
  • Reread their story
  • Tick the embedded checklist to ensure that they have remembered capitalization, punctuation, and finger spaces
  • Color in the pictures


Each template also has the following explicit guided writing instructions:


Look at the picture prompt and ask yourself these questions:

  • What is happening in this picture
  • What can I see?
  • Do the characters have happy or sad faces?
  • How are they feeling?
  • What are they holding?
  • What else can I see in the picture?


Begin writing your ideas…remember to ask yourself the 5Ws:

  • Who are the characters?
  • What is happening?
  • When does the story take place? (day, night, summer, winter?)
  • Where does the story take place? (beach, home, castle, forest?)
  • Why are the characters happy, sad, scared or excited?


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How To Teach ESL Students to Write Sentences


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